Nagelsmann: Lewandowski will stay in long field and deserves the award as the best player in the world

BERLIN: Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann warned rival defense lines that Polish international Robert Lewandowski is still many years old in field. Nagelsmann said Lewandowski deserves to be crowned the best player in the world quest’year. Lewandowski reached his 33rd year last August, but continues to shine remarkably, with both Bayern Munich and the Polish national team.Lewandowski scored 41 goals for Bayern Munich last season and beat the record of legend Gerd Muller, who scored 40 goals in one Lewandowski scored a goal of 60 minutes and seven seconds, the highest score since the Bundesliga began in 1963. The award ceremony for the best in the world was canceled last year due to the Corona pandemic, but Lewandowski remains among the leading candidates for the award of quest’year. Nagelsmann said today, Thursday, to the newspaper “Abend Zeitung” “,” He deserves the award for the best player in the world … I think he should win the award, because he played. in more consistently than anyone else in the past three years ”. And Nagelsmann expects Lewandowski to continue to shine at the highest level in the near future. He said: “If Lewandowski’s body remains in the same condition in where it is, the end will be very far away “.

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