Nasrallah and Iranian Oil … Imply Lebanon and make it a model for Venezuela

Left in the last two days die The aftermath of the storm that Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah unleashed after defying the Lebanese state and demanding the import of petrol from Iran did not follow.

Many tweeters and activists on the communication pages launched a campaign titled “Lebanon’s Guide” after the leader of Iran and directed fierce criticism of Nasrallah, who again risked the fate of a country on the brink of the abyss and indicated his willingness to Iranian (international punished) ships forcibly in to enter the port of Beirut.

At a time when Hezbollah, Iran’s most important ally, was accused of smuggling fuel subsidized by the Lebanese state into Syria, resulting in a severe shortage of this vital substance in the Lebanese market, Nasrallah pulled out an oil offer, in which he portrayed Iranian gas as a lifeline for die Lebanese, to get out of the crisis, have difficult economic and living conditions.

However, this offer has many shortcomings, starting with legal obstacles, as Lebanon cannot develop trade exchanges or economic cooperation in the face of US and international economic sanctions against Iran.

Imply Lebanon!

According to an informed legal source, die with spoke, Nasrallah’s announcement implies the Lebanese state with the US sanctions imposed on Iran, and I don’t think Lebanon can tolerate such a scenario.

He pointed out that “only the Lebanese state holds the license to buy fuel ships” and asked: “Who pays for this fuel? The bankrupt state or die Hezbollah, the initiator? “

The source also said: “Nasrallah’s presentation confirms that the Lebanese state has lost all of its sovereign components and that there is a stronger and more organized group and this reflects die Work of all sectors badly reflected. ”

Nasrallah and Iranian Oil … Imply Lebanon and make it a model for Venezuela

A gas station in Lebanon (Reuters)

Hezbollah’s proposal is dangerous

For her part, oil expert Laurie Hatayan told Al “Large amounts of Iranian gasoline are stored in oil tankers at sea, die were not sold due to sanctions and this decreased their quality and affected their chemical composition due to “exposure to the sun. Nasrallah’s offer is to bring this type of poor quality gasoline to market in Lebanon”.

She also believed that “Lebanon will face political risks if Nasrallah’s proposal is accepted, which she described as” very dangerous “. The private sector in Lebanon holds 90% of the oil derivatives import market, and the state holds 10% through ZR ENERGY, die introduced it as an import partner. “.

Iranian oil tanker tank

Iranian oil tanker tank

She asked, “How will Nasrallah become Iranian gasoline in bring Lebanon? Via the private sector via its subsidiaries or the state via ZR ENERGY? In both cases, US sanctions are on the lookout. “

Venezuelan model

Hatayan also pointed out that “Nasrallah wants to copy the Venezuelan model with Iran, where Iranian oil tankers can go straight to Venezuela and sell their freight there.”

Politically, the Lebanese Armed Forces MP Ziad Hawat asked: “When did he die State opinion on everything it does? He has die Lebanese asked before going to Syria, in Iraq and in go to Yemen and fight alongside the Iranian allies? “

From the Syrian-Lebanese border (archive)

From the Syrian-Lebanese border (archive)

Organized smuggling under the auspices of Hezbollah

In an interview with Al he also noted that “Iran is suffering from the effects of the economic embargo imposed on it, as is it going to us also supply with oil? “He accused die Hezbollah, its ally, President Michel Aoun, and die “Free Patriotic Movement” under the leadership of his son-in-law, MP Gibran Bassil, Lebanon in die To lead hell and anger his Arab friends for the benefit of Iran.

The funny thing about Nasrallah’s speech, however, is, as the representative says, his reference to the fact that “there are monopolists in Lebanon, die are free, have fun, and are known, but they enjoy political cover, ”and wondering,“ aren’t they die? them die Hezbollah reporting like? “

He also added: “Smuggling in Lebanon is organized and systematic, and many forces, led by Hezbollah, are involved, and Hezbollah Sheikh Sadiq al-Nabulsi, who is close to Hezbollah, has previously stressed that smuggling is an essential part is. ” of the resistance process and the defense of the interests of the Lebanese, and that anyone who opposes it, die Fight against Hezbollah.

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