Nasser Al-Kidwa: There is a crisis within the “Fatah” movement

Palestinian leader Dr. Nasser Al-Kidwa confirmed that he had not made a decision to participate in the elections with a separate list from “Fatah” and that he was seeking a new political meeting that would be attended by members of “Fatah” and outside it.

He said during the “Special Interview” program that there is a great fear of understanding between Fatah and Hamas movements, and that understanding is intended to confirm the split and not find a solution for it.

He added: There is a crisis within “Fatah”, a crisis of division, a crisis within “Hamas”, and there is a crisis between political relations and the new administration and developments in the Arab region and elsewhere.

Nasser Al-Kidwa referred to the split that had previously taken place within the “Fatah” movement and described the word “split” as “ridiculous”. The meaning of “split” is that behind this conversation regional countries stand and push for it and that heavy weapons are used and therefore the split within Fatah did not take place. “They are keen on the interests of the national democratic movement represented by” Fatah “and its allies. There is no room to repeat the scenario. The Palestinian people have suffered for internal and external reasons. The Palestinian leader added: There is a political program that not only monitors problems but also develops solutions.

Common list

Al-Kidwa then spoke of the opposition within the Fatah and Hamas movements to the joint list, saying he had reservations about the idea of ​​a “joint list” that would include Fatah and Hamas. Al-Kidwa actually confirmed that there was a joint list between the two parties, but there was also great opposition between the two movements on the joint list. Refers to democracy.

Regarding the Israeli settlement, Nasser Al-Kidwa said: This problem poses a central threat to the existence of the Palestinian people as it is the colonization of “my” solution. The Israelis want to replace us with them, as he put it.

Al-Kidwa stressed that the Palestinians will not negotiate with the Israelis on the principle of the existence of the state and are ready for a negotiated solution between the two countries and with various international mechanisms. Al-Kidwa concluded his statement with the words: Palestine’s relationship with the Gulf States is a fraternal one, and the Arab world is the real lever for the Palestinian cause.

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