native warrior women to take fight to save ancestral land to Brazilian capital | Brazil

More than 5,000 native women marched through Brazil’s capital to expose the historic attack on native countries that they say are unfolding under the far-right president of the country, Jair Bolsonaro.

female representatives of more than 170 of More than 300 tribes of Brazil have gathered in Brazil in the past few days to oppose highly controversial attempts at stripping back indigenous land rights and open their territories to mining and agribusiness.

on Friday morning die guerreiras (warriors) moved south from their encampment wearing bright-colored headdresses made of the feathers of parrots and macaws and clutching banners condemning the increasing anti-indigenous violence under Bolsonaro’s “genocidal government”.

Two protesters hugged an effigy of the embattled Brazilian leader whose presidential sash bore the words:Forums Bolsonaro!” (Bolsonaro out!).

native warrior women to take fight to save ancestral land to Brazilian capital |  Brazil
An indigenous woman of the Tupinamba tribe paints the face of another woman during a protest in Brazil. Photo: Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty Images

“What she want is to take our land,” said Alessandra Korap, an activist from Munduruku. in the Amazon people, regretting a blow of political initiatives die threatened indigenous lands and lives.

The most important of die threats is the “Marco temporale‘ of ‘Timeframe’ Argument: A Legal challenge to indigenous land rights die being considered by the Supreme Court.

Opponents say that, if successful, the suit – which Bolsonaro has defended as a… way of prevent Brazil”handed over over to the Indians” – all claims of indigenous peoples to land die not physically occupying them would negate when the Brazilian Constitution was adopted on October 5, 1988.

“This is illegal. This is unconstitutional. She want rip up our roots and we don’t allow it,” Korap said: on Eve of Friday’s March.

speaking in the protest camp, organized the Articulation of indigenous peoples of Brazil, Korap said a statement in favor of the dissertation would effectively be the . legalize theft of native country.

“The thesis of the time frame indicates that we have only existed since October 5, 1988. But that’s not true… true. The whole of Brazil is indigenous territory – all of them of the. Unfortunately it has been taken away little by little – and now they are want to die to take away pieces die goods left for us,” she said.

Like Bolsonaro, under whose rule deforestation has skyrocketed, the legal challenge is supported by the congress powerful rural caucus, whose members are simultaneously introducing a bill that would have a similar impact. That measure, known as PL490, would limit indigenous land claims and allow infrastructure building and commercial exploitation of native forests, without the need to consult the indigenous inhabitants.

Native women of the Xikrin tribe demonstrate in Brazil.
Native women of the Xikrin tribe demonstrate in Brazil. Photo: Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty Images

Sônia Guajajara, another prominent indigenous leader, said: “These are all highly orchestrated measures die… designed to take away the land rights of native people and open these countries up for exploitation… It’s all about profit and money. We support biodiversity, keep the forest alive, and that’s exactly what makes it happen us life. All they think about is development built on devastation.”

Supporters of the time frame thesis states that setting a date limit for native land claims will help avoid conflicts and legal uncertainty for landowners. “Should we protect indigenous land rights? Obviously, yes. But we have to also protect the rights of property owners, farmers, who are essential for Brazil’s development’ said District Attorney Alisson de Souza at a recent hearing.

Guajajara said the native women were mobilizing to latest chapter in a centuries-long attempt to erase out the descendants of die who inhabited what became Brazil when Portuguese settlers arrived in 1500. “What we are experiencing now is no different from what we have always experienced faced when it comes to this eradication attempt. We’ve seen ages of violence, spilled blood, rape and slavery – and now all of them of this is officially confessed by the government.

“Our march goes over defending Mother Earth”, added Guajajara, 47. “More and more we women take the front line in the defense of our holy Mother Earth.”

An indigenous woman of the Krenak tribe participates in a demonstration in Brazil.
An indigenous woman of the Krenak tribe participates in a demonstration in Brazil. Photo: Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty Images

In addition to the time frame-thesis-arrest and the PL490, its activists: also concerned over the approaching due date of An series of land- protection orders met exception of the development of areas inhabited by uncontacted tribes. Proponents urge Funai, the native protection agency, om die to renew orders die restrictive access until remote areas inhabited by the Piripkura, Pirititi, Jacareúba/Katawixi and Ituna/Itatá peoples. The Piripkura Territory, in The state of Mato Grosso, is one of the most affected by illegal logging, and its protection expires this month.

Korap said native women would stay fight despite the attack: “This government shall last just four years – we resisted for more than 520.”

“U.S struggle is for survival, for life, for the forest and for U.S children. So we will resist. Despite of of all the attacks of the government”We resist and we will continue to resist,” she vowed.

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