NATO: Poland incident would not have happened without Russian missile density

Although it was confirmed that the missiles that hit Polish territory yesterday came from Ukraine, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg believed that this incident would not have occurred if it weren’t for the intensity of the Russian missiles that hit hit Ukraine that day.

He said in a press conference at the NATO headquarters in Brussels today, Wednesday, that “there are no indications that allow us to say that the accident that caused two deaths in the Polish city of Přivodov, on the border with Ukraine, was caused by a “deliberate attack”.

Ukrainian air defense

He also added that preliminary analyzes indicate that the crash was most likely caused by a missile launched by the Ukrainian air defense system to defend the territory from Russian cruise missiles.

He also stressed that the alliance has stepped up its precautionary measures in the east after the attack, saying, “We have pushed more land and naval forces into the eastern wing.”

He explained that NATO will evaluate the situation in the eastern wing to determine next steps.

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