NATO: Putin must withdraw his forces from Ukraine and stop the war immediately

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) said Thursday that the alliance summit endorsed the strengthening of the alliance’s eastern footing capabilities and support for Ukraine, as Kiev needs a lot of heavy and advanced weapons.

This took place during a press conference by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, from Madrid, where he said: “We have strengthened our partnership with our allies in the Pacific Ocean and have reached an agreement on a steady increase in NATO funding to to 2030. “

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He stressed that “Russian aggression against Ukraine is unacceptable and has catastrophic repercussions on the world” and called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to withdraw his forces from Ukraine and stop the war immediately.

“We are working to mitigate the effects of the Russian war on Ukraine and to resume the export of wheat”, underlined the NATO Secretary General.

“The global food crisis is the direct result of the Russian war against Ukraine,” he added.

He said the decision to unite Sweden and Finland with NATO was made and soon officially signed, stressing that differences within NATO are normal, “but the alliance is united”.

Stoltenberg also added: “We have decided to support Tunisia’s capabilities to fight illegal immigration.”

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