NATO: We are ready for all possibilities and will not accept threats from Russia

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced Tuesday that the alliance is ready for all possibilities and said: “We will not accept Russia’s continuing threats to use nuclear weapons.”

He also stated in a conference in Berlin on the alliance’s foreign policy that the risk of using nuclear weapons against Ukraine is low, indicating that the alliance takes threats seriously.

“We warn Russia that the use of nuclear weapons will have serious consequences,” he added.

Increase support in Kiev

Furthermore, Stoltenberg explained that the weapons supplied to Ukraine make a difference in the conflict between the two countries and added: “We must increase military support in Kiev to continue to face Russian forces.”

“We have provided support to Ukraine from the weapons found in NATO countries, so we must rearm and continue to increase Kiev’s armament,” he said.

He also pointed out that NATO is closely monitoring Russia’s nuclear exercises.

“We will not determine how we will respond to any nuclear attack, we will not provide information to our opponent on the matter,” he added.

Tension at the highest levels

Interestingly, the tension between Moscow and the West had reached its highest levels due to the Russian military operation on the territory of the western neighbor, in course from February 24.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has repeatedly stressed that the member states of the defense alliance are united in supporting Kiev, punishing Moscow and preventing the victory of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Meanwhile, the Kremlin has put in more than once guarded against the expansion of the alliance, which for months aroused suspicion in Moscow, posing a national threat to the country.

He also warned Western countries not to provide Ukrainian forces with advanced long-range weapons that could reach Russian territory, after most of them sided with Kiev, allocating millions of US dollars to aid it militarily and providing defense systems. advanced, missiles, helicopters and tanks.

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