NATO: We expect a long war of attrition in Ukraine

As the Russian-Ukrainian conflict enters its fifth month, in in the absence of any indication of a short-term solution, NATO reiterated the warning that the conflict could go on for years.

“Unfortunately, we expect a long-term conflict, something like a war of attrition, in there will be big losses on both sides, “Defense Alliance Deputy Secretary General Mircea Giwana said at a conference in Romania.

He also saw that “the war between Russian and Ukrainian forces is seeing a greater role for artillery”, considering that “there are not enough forces on either side to achieve a decisive victory on the ground”.

Historic Summit

Furthermore, according to i media Russians on Saturday, Guana described the NATO summit in Madrid, which will be held from 29-30 June, as historic.

“We will work to strengthen NATO’s presence in the eastern wing, and the leaders will announce the size and special contribution that the various allies will make,” he said. “I expect the Black Sea region, which is of vital and strategic importance to NATO, to be of great interest,” he added.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky was also expected to attend the summit, noting the need to continue providing support to Ukraine.

He also stressed that leaders from countries far from the Atlantic region, such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea, will attend the summit.

Interestingly, Defense Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg had previously suggested more than once that “the war that Russia is waging in Ukraine will take several years. “

Since the launch of the Russian operation on Ukrainian soil on February 24, the West, led by NATO countries, has taken sides against Moscow, supporting Kiev with weapons and equipment.

Russia has felt that the alliance is using Ukraine to threaten Russian security by expanding into Eastern European countries, in particularly those who were under the wing of the former Soviet Union.

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