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NATO: We face many challenges, including the behavior of Russia and Afghanistan


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg calls die Allies up again, die Increase spending to strengthen common defense.

He said during a press conference from Brussels this Friday that the alliance faces many threats, including Russian behavior and the Afghanistan issue.

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He also pointed out that die Atlantic leaders will discuss several dossiers at the summit next Monday, including die afghan can, Kabul airport and other subjects.

A few days ago Jens said die political and military rapprochement between Russia and China represents “new dangers” die Nato represent and “threaten” die Multipolarity.

He also warned in an interview with the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” that die rule-based order and die The basis of multilateralism is threatened and the alliance has to “adapt”, in particular to react to the “rise of China as a military” power “and”die growing aggressiveness of Russia “.

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It is noteworthy that these issues in die for June 14th in Brussels planned NATO summit talks in Presence of US President Joe Biden will be included, in particular die Russia Act, towards which the alliance pursues a “double approach” of “deterrence and dialogue”. , especially arms control, as he confirmed.

In addition, the summit die Location of Belarus, the friendly country of Russia, which borders on three NATO member states (Poland, Latvia and Lithuania), to which the Atlantic has so far “carefully” and deliberately approached.

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