Navalny knocks Apple, Google for delete voice app

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny knocked on Apple and Google in An series of tweets die criticize the companies for delete a voice app die promoted opposition candidates in the Russian parliamentary elections.

If something surprised me in the latest elections, it wasn’t how Putin has the results, but how obediently changed the almighty Big Tech in his henchmen,” said Navalny in An series of tweets on Thursday.

Google and Apple have complied with the Russian government’s demand for the companies to remove a voting app associated with Navalny die promoted opposition candidates in the parliamentary elections.

Russia threatened to fine the companies and even jail local workers if they don’t down the election app.

“The media write that the Kremlin forced Big Tech to make concessions by giving them a list of their employees are arrested. If so, then silence is the worst crime. This is encouragement of a hostage terrorist,” said Navalny.

Even some Google employees spoke out against the move collapse for Russia demand to take the app down.

Russia said the app violated Russian law and said the companies participated in election meddling if they kept it up.

“According to the law and common phrase, each of us has the right to campaign for vote (of do not vote) for any candidate,” Navalny said.

Navalny says YouTube also deleted a video of him team and Telegram removed being a bot team created.

The opposition leader is currently in prison for two and one half year for violating his parole by leaving the country in 2020. Navalny left the country after a poison attack against him that he says was worn out by the Kremlin, which denies the accusation.

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The hill has reached out to Google and Apple for comment.

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