Nawal El Moutawakel: Bekkali’s result is extraordinary and saved the face of Moroccan athletics

Eugene (United States): Former Moroccan Olympic champion Nawal El Moutawakel confirmed on Tuesday that the success of her compatriot Soufiane El Bakkali at the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, United States, is “surprising and will remain forever in the minds of Moroccans “. “It was a wonderful evening and an extraordinary achievement that will remain forever immortalized in the minds of Moroccans,” said El-Moutawakel. in an interview with AFP, the day after El-Baqali won the world title in the 3000 steeplechase on Monday, adding it to the Olympic title he won last summer in Tokyo. Al-Mutawakel, who was the first Arab woman to win an Olympic title when she won gold in the 400m hurdles in the United States in particular in Los Angeles in 1984: “Al-Baqali did what the great runners did not do, to end the dominance of Kenyans, Ethiopians and Eritreans on the 3,000 meters of hedgerows, it is not easy”. And after what he did at the Tokyo Olympics last summer, when he became the first non-Kenyan sprinter to win the title since 1980, 26-year-old El-Baqali has once again confirmed that he is the “king” of the race. putting an end to the dominance of Kenyans in the world championships for 15 years. Al-Baqali, the Tokyo Olympic champion, finished the race with a time of 8: 25.13 minutes, ahead of his Olympic runner-up, Ethiopian Lamesha Girma (8: 26.01d) and Kenyan Conseslus Kipruto, the sample in charge of Doha 2019 (8: 27.92 d). Bakkali managed to achieve what he failed in the last two editions by winning silver in London 2017 and bronze in Doha 2019. It is the first gold for Morocco since the coronation of Jawad Gharib in the 2005 marathon version in Helsinki, the eleventh in the history of his world participation, and his first in the 3,000 meters Contraindications After Ali Al-Zein won silver in 2001 in Edmonton and bronze in 1999 in Shabibiya. He is the third gold medal for the Arabs in the 3000 hedges after the coronation of Qatar Saif Saeed Shaheen in Paris 2003 and Helsinki 2005, and the ninth for the Arabs in race in the men’s category and eleventh in the two categories with the gold and silver of the Tunisian Habibiya Laghribi respectively in Daegu 2011 and Beijing 2015. – He saved the face of Moroccan power again – and the member of the IAAF continued: “He brought joy and happiness to the hearts of Moroccans, and it is unimaginable that the Hayward Field audience represented it in homage to the fighting spirit he demonstrated in to crown the title despite the harsh conditions they had to face. Like all runners and runners in the world, in the last two years he has experienced the Covid-19 virus. “And he added:” Congratulations to him and congratulations to us for this title, which we have been missing for a long time, we needed it and we need the return of Moroccan athletics to the top. “Al-Mutawakel did not fail to pay homage to the” wonderful tactical race that Al-Baqali fought “, emphasizing that” he performed at a high level, raced with genius and employed all his strength to watch the race from start to finish. “” He was very clever when he gave the lead to the rest of the runners before receiving it with 600 meters to go and using his high speed in the last 200 meters and crossing the finish line with ease and elegance, “he added. : “Baqali honored Morocco and saved us from leaving the world championship empty-handed”, as he did in the last two editions in London 2017, when he won silver, and Doha 2019 when he won bronze, and they were the only two editions of the Kingdom at the World Cup. Morocco also won a medal in the Beijing 2015 edition with Abdelati Iguider in the 1500 meters, while he went out empty-handed in Berlin 2009, South Korean Daegu 2011 and Moscow 2013. Morocco leads the ranking of the most crowned Arab countries in the world with 31 medals, of which 11 gold and 12 silver and 8 bronze. (AFP)