NBA YoungBoy Confirms He Has Another Child On The Way!

We send further congratulations to NBA YoungBoy who confirmed he has another child on the way.

On Friday, he learned that his probation was over. Leaving the courthouse, he was asked if he had another child on the way after we reported the story. He confirmed that this was true and said that he was “excited” for the new baby, who will be a little girl.

This will make the 20-year-old father a father for the fifth time. As we reported earlier, he is expecting the baby with his ex-girlfriend Kaylyn. News of their little bundle of joy started to circulate after an ultrasound image surfaced online.

Although he and Kaylayn are no longer together, he certainly has no trouble finding a girlfriend. Leaving the courthouse, he had his new girlfriend Lyric by his side. Earlier this year, one of his exes, Jania, gave birth to their baby boy Kacey, and a few months ago, he was linked to Kodak Black’s ex Dej Rosegold as they formalized their Instagram relationship. .

As we mentioned earlier, he released a dissimilar track for his ex-girlfriend Iyanna, who is the daughter of heavyweight champion Floyd Mayweather.

Needless to say, NBA YoungBoy is definitely a ladies’ man.

Catch it to confirm the news below:

TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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