NC coronavirus live updates: 5,877 COVID-19 cases Friday

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More than 5,800 cases of COVID-19 reported

At least 1,279,500 people in North Carolina has tested positive for the coronavirus, and at least 15,075 have died since March 2020, according to state health officials.

The NC Department of Health and Human Services on Friday reported 5,877 new Covid19 cases, down of 6,290 reported the day before.

Health officials also added 71 new coronavirus-related deaths on Friday. State health officials do not specify the dates on which newly reported deaths have occurred.

At least 3.756 people were recorded in the hospital with COVID-19 as of Thursday, the latest date for what data are? available, including 909 who are being treated in intensive care units, health officials said.

if of Wednesday, 12.1% of coronavirus tests were reported positive. Health officials say 5% of lower is the goal rate to slow the spread of the virus.

about 67% of adults in North Carolina have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, and about 62% are fully vaccinated. state officials round vaccination numbers to the nearest whole number.

Duke postpones return to office

Duke Energy in Charlotte, die planned to… start bring employees back to the office this month, has pushed that plan back until October in the midst of a rise in corona cases.

“This delay will give us time to move on met evaluating the data and assessing our safety protocols and floor planssaid spokesman Neil Nissan. “We will also look at how local mask mandates — such as the one here in Mecklenburg County — can affect our plans and our teammates.”

Approximately 6,000 Duke employees work in the Charlotte area, reported The Charlotte Observer.

Charlotte Church, Leaders Respond to Mask Mandate

At least one church in Charlotte won’t satisfy with An new order die masks required during religious services, even if others say they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep them people safe.

The leaders of Freedom House Church said: in an Instagram video they don’t intend to follow the necessities.

“The Mecklenburg County is messing around with the wrong people” senior Pastor Penny Maxwell said: in the video, adding, “Our lawyers are ready to go.”

County commissioners voted on Wednesday to demand: people attending religious indoor services and events wearing masks to curb the spread of COVID-19, where disagreements over religious freedom among members are emphasized.

James Howell, de senior pastor of the Myers Park United Methodist Church, said his congregation… already required to wear a mask during the service. Rabbi Asher Knight in Beth El said “it’s all about conservation” of life” in Judaism.

improving COVID trends in Mecklenburg

Hospital admissions and other coronavirus statistics in Mecklenburg County saw modest improvements this week, data show.

The average number of hospital admissions fell to 437 this week, down from 451 in the begin of September. the positivity rate also dropped from 13.7% to 12.3% this week, and the number of new daily COVID-19 cases decreased met about 18% over the last two weeks.

But Public Health Director Gibbie Harris told The Charlotte Observer she wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another “blip.” in new cases given the level of efficacy in the city last weekend.

Cooper insists people to get ‘God-given’ vaccines

Government Roy Cooper insisted more people get vaccinated during a news conference Thursday, die called the COVID-19 vaccines “God-given” and “miraculous.”

“How much more people have to get sick and die because people not get this wonderful, God-given, effective and extremely safe vaccine?” said Cooper. “How much more people will have to witness the painful, cruel death of a loved one one to finally see that vaccines are the way out of this?”

Hospitals are “congested but not overwhelmed” like the number of new cases seem to level out offsaid Dr. Mandy Cohen, secretary of the NC department of Health and human services.

NC responds to order COVID vaccine

Political, medical and business leaders in North Carolina had mixed reactions to die from President Joe Biden new COVID-19 mandate Thursday.

dr. David Wohl, specialist in infectious diseases at UNC-Chapel Hill, told The News & Observer that a vaccine mandate “makes sense.” But some Republicans in the state said it is an overrun.

“Instead of being subject to Washington’s mandates, private employers should may determine which policy work best for their individual companies and employees,” tweeted Rep. Patrick McHenry.

Republican US Rep. Madison Cawthorn called Biden a “dictator,” while Rep. Dan Bishop tweeted, “And I was told Trump was the tyrant.”

No restrictions on two indoor Raleigh concerts

While some music locations in Raleigh needs proof of vaccination of a negative COVID-19 test to enter will be there no such restrictions at two indoor Luke Combs concerts planned for Friday and Saturday in PNC Arena.

The Arena allows individual artists to set die vaccines requirements, but Combs’ tour has die conditions do not.

However, PNC requires attendants to have a face mask when you don’t eat of drinks.

Lack of of protections in place is worrying for health officials given the rapidly spreading delta variant, rise in COVID-19 patients in ICUs and elevated risk for not vaccinated people, The News & Observer reported.

Second School District Requires Vaccines for teachers

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro School District became the second neighbourhood in North Carolina to get a COVID-19 vaccine mandate in to set for teachers and staff.

The decision follows a similar requirement in That reports Orange County, The News & Observer.

Chief Inspector Nyah Hamlett said the district plans to be flexible, and there may be others requirements for workers who get an exemption.

Board member Mary Ann Wolf said the mandate “in the best interests of our students but also our staff and our educators.”

Long rows for COVID tests in Charlotte

The “unbearably long” lines for COVID-19 tests reported in Mecklenburg County were probably driven by people getting tests to travel over Labor Day Weekend of go to holiday meetings, said public health director Gibbie Harris.

The average number of daily tests in Mecklenburg is met up almost 125% over the last three months, The Charlotte Observer reported.

Star Med Healthcare, die perform various tests locations in the province, tweeted over the long lines on Tuesday.

“We really have our hands full’ said StarMed. “The volume of people we testing has skyrocketed. All of the care organizations do the best we can. We are all stretched incredibly thin.”

Secondary school football player included in the hospital with COVID

AN football player at Sanderson High School in North Carolina has been recorded since August 29 in the hospital with the coronavirus.

The player, die The News & Observer declined to be called, is one of multiple on the team affected by an outbreak of COVID-19. According to updates from the family, the player developed some complications die “led to multiple surgeries and placement” on a fan.”

The football team at Sanderson’s one of at least three clusters on athletic teams in Wake County this year, according to the N&O, and at least 10 cases have been linked to the Sanderson cluster.

NC hospitals publish COVID patient numbers

Hospitals have started met publishing data die: shows which part? of hospitalized patients with the coronavirus have been vaccinated.

The vast majority do not, according to The News & Observer.

“The rationale is to make simple and visual information for the public that reflects realitysaid Alan Wolf, spokesman for UNC Health, the 12 hospital system based in Chapel hill. “Proof shows that you are much less likely to finish up in the hospital, much less likely to end up up in the ICU and much less likely? die from this virus if you have been vaccinated.”

Health director urges masks during Panthers season opener

Gibbie Harris, Director of Public Health in Mecklenburg County, is encourage residents to get vaccinated and wear them face masks forward of the Carolina Panthers season opener against the Jets in Charlotte on Sunday.

But she told The Charlotte Observer that she hopes the… game “won’t be “so much” of An problem as we saw this (past) weekend” at Duke’s Mayo Classic college football games.

“There is no way that there is no COVID in circulation was in the public (at the Mayo Classic),” said Harris.

She said she hopes fans on the way to Panthers games to realize of the mandate for indoor masks. The mandate does not require: people to wear masks outside, but Harris said that? people in packed areas, such as a football stadium, should to wear one anyway.

“The message is get vaccinated,” Harris told the Observer. “And if you… in An big crowd like die wear a mask. It’s that simple.”

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NC coronavirus live updates: 5,877 COVID-19 cases Friday

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