Neena Gupta says she was dumped by man, she was set to marry

Neena Gupta has revealed that she was previously dumped by a man she was about to marry.

She spoke about the subject of loneliness in Kareena Kapoor Khan.

The revelation has come on on launch day of Neena’s autobiography, titled Sach Kahun Toh.

Kareena kicked off the book and during their conversation Neena said that in addition to a few “small affairs», She didn’t really have a companion after moving in Bombay.

Neena has been married to Vivek Mehra since 2008.

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Neena told Kareena, “In fact, while I was writing the book, I realized in my prime years that I am without a lover or husband.

“Because I came here, so small affairs, nothing really materialized. Basically, I was on my own.

Neena had been in a relationship with player of cricket Vivian Richards in the 1980s. They had a daughter set named Masaba.

During his conversation with Kareena, Neena also remembered to be on the edge of to marry one man.

She said he called off their wedding at the “last minute ”while she was out purchases.

On what happened, Neena said: “Until today, I do not know.

“It’s over. But what can I do? I’ve moved on.

“I would have loved to marry him. I had a lot of the respect for his father, mother.

“I lived in their house. He’s going to read, he’s alive, he’s married and happy. He owns children. “

Despite being married, Neena admitted that she still feels jealous whenever she sees people in regular relationships.

“People say I have lived my life on mine terms. In fact, I never did.

“Everywhere I went wrong, I accepted it and I moved forward.

“I wanted have a normal life husband, children, my in-laws. “

“When I see others people I feel a little envious. I did not blame, I did not become an alcoholic, because what I wanted I did not have.”

Neena Gupta also recalled the explosion on sets of The sword of Tipu Sultan and how Masaba saved his life.

“It was a trauma experience. They (the creators) made my wedding scene.

“Masaba was one-and one-half years. That day, Masaba had a little fever. So I didn’t take her on sets.

“But later, in in the afternoon, I sent back my car and I took her to the shoot.

“At that time, I was feeding her in between the shoot. I sneaked out of the studio. I reached my room. I have chosen up Masaba and I heard an explosion.

“When I came out, I saw a man of light coming towards me. It was on fire. I looked at him.

“He called me to help. I remember saying: ‘how May I help when i have a child with me’.

“They took me at the main building where we got the office. we have been sent home. It was too traumatic.

“Even now when I think about it I wonder how I was saved.

The book will take readers through Neena’s journey from son passage to the national school of Drama (NSD) at moving in Bombay in the 1980s and being single mother.

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