Negative Twitter Rebranding: Surge in 1-Star Reviews on the U.S. App Store, Analysis Shows

Twitter’s Rebranding to X Receives Mixed Reviews from Users on U.S. App Store

Many people have mixed feelings over Twitter’s rebranding to X, in preparation for its transformation into owner Elon Musk’s vision of an “everything app.” But on the U.S. App Store, users have been venting their frustrations over the name change, leading to a surge in 1-star negative reviews, a new analysis shows.

According to data from market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, nearly 78% of all the U.S. iOS reviews of the newly renamed X app have been 1-star reviews since July 24th, the day of the official rebrand, compared with just 50% over the previous two weeks. (50% is still not a great number and one that speaks to other user complaints about the numerous changes Twitter has made under Musk’s ownership.)

The new 1-star reviews are in direct response to the rebrand, Sensor Tower notes, as users wrote how they’re upset with the new logo and name.

“Bring back the BIRD,” writes one user.

“GIVE US BACK THE BIRD!!!” shouts another.

“What is X?,” asks a third reviewer.

“Good app gone bad,” adds a fourth.

“Ugly,” another complaint states, followed by one dubbing the new app a “dumpster fire,” and so on.

However, the rebranding has not been all bad news for the company formerly known as Twitter.

In fact, Sensor Tower’s data indicates that X’s worldwide installs grew 20% week-over-week in the wake of the rebranding. There was a related 3-4% increase in weekly user growth, as well.

Earlier this month, X CEO Linda Yaccarino claimed the app usage was at an all-time high, and on July 28, X owner Elon Musk posted that monthly users had reached a new high this year. Neither exec was forthcoming with the exact dates and times that usage peaked, though.

Despite the growth, Sensor Tower’s analysis revealed some troubling numbers, too. Per its panel, time spent per user fell 7% for the week, and daily sessions per user fell 6% following the renaming of the app to X.

“Though Twitter usage and engagement typically display some volatility due to seasonality and the news cycle, some of the declines in engagement may be attributable to users’ frustration with changes to the app,” said Abe Yousef, Senior Insights Analyst at Sensor Tower.

Of course, such a dramatic rebranding was likely to cause a backlash.

Arguably, Twitter had not been a successful company under prior leadership, so there is some rationale behind giving the app a massive makeover and a new purpose. Still, it remains to be seen if X can thrive after losing the trust and goodwill of some of its longtime Twitter users in the process.

Twitter’s recent rebranding to X has elicited mixed responses from users, particularly on the U.S. App Store. An analysis conducted by market intelligence firm Sensor Tower revealed a surge in 1-star negative reviews following the name change, indicating user frustrations with the rebrand. The data showed that nearly 78% of all U.S. iOS reviews for the newly renamed X app were 1-star reviews since the official rebrand on July 24th.

Users expressed their discontentment with the new logo and name through their 1-star reviews. Sample comments included demands to bring back the iconic Twitter bird logo and expressed confusion about the new name. Such active user engagement demonstrates the strong emotions stirred within the Twitter community.

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Twitter’s rebranding to X, under the vision of owner Elon Musk, aimed to transform the platform into an “everything app.” While the rebranding has led to a surge in negative reviews, the analysis revealed that X experienced a growth of 20% in worldwide installs and a 3-4% increase in weekly user growth. Despite this, Sensor Tower’s analysis also showed a decline in time spent per user and daily sessions per user, suggesting that user frustration with the changes may have contributed to these decreases.

Prior to the rebrand, X CEO Linda Yaccarino claimed that app usage was at an all-time high. Elon Musk, X’s owner, also shared on Twitter that monthly users had reached a new high, without specifying the exact dates and times. The significant rebranding undertaken by Twitter could be seen as an effort to revitalize the platform, which had faced challenges under previous leadership.

However, the ultimate success of X remains to be seen. While the rebranding may have attracted new users and generated interest, it has also raised concerns about losing the trust and goodwill of longstanding Twitter users. Only time will tell if X can overcome these hurdles and thrive in the fiercely competitive social media landscape.

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