Negotiations between Fatah and Hamas postponed due to refusal to make concessions

Cairo has postponed the meeting between the Palestinian factions scheduled for Saturday and Sunday as no consensus has been reached on a number of dossiers, according to sources in the proximity of the Palestinian factions.

According to the sources, came die Postponed for reasons related to failure to give a rough outline to the Fatah-Hamas talks, apart from each refusal of each of them to make concessions, which sources say led Cairo to die Meetings until further notice pending agreement on die open questions, especially as Cairo tried to bring opinions between the Hamas and Fatah delegations before the meeting, die both sides, however, share their views on a number of points in hold on to the open questions.

Cairo considered this pointless to hold meetings die would not lead to recommendations or tangible results.

It is noteworthy that the political groups’ dialogue in Cairo took place at an invitation from Egypt die Association of the Palestinian House, die To discuss consolidation of the ceasefire and the reconstruction of Gaza.

Negotiations between Fatah and Hamas postponed due to refusal to make concessions

An important Egyptian role

It is noteworthy that Major General Abbas Kamel, director of the Egyptian secret service, visited the Gaza Strip a few days ago in order to die Meet leaders of the Palestinian factions and on the first visit to an Egyptian intelligence chief in the strip since the beginning of this century.

Kamel’s visit is seen as part of Cairo’s efforts to re-establish a more prominent role in mediating between Israel and the Palestinians and to revive the deadlocked peace process between the two parties.

It is worth noting that Egypt in has worked hard for the last few weeks die stop recent Israeli-Palestinian escalation, die at 10 mosque in Jerusalem and plans die Displacement of the Palestinians from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of the city for Jewish settlers.

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