Negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban begin today

Mustafa Mastour, Senior Advisor to the High Commissioner for National Reconciliation in Afghanistan, confirmed that die Talks with the Taliban begin today, Saturday, and will take two days to discuss Core issues, die to bring peace to the country.

Mastour said in exclusive statements to Al-Arabiya that die Tried to move during negotiations: Change die Constitution and the system of government of the country.

Negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban begin today

Mustafa Mastur

He added: “There is a delegation consisting of 9 members of the political elite, die traveled to Doha to take part in negotiations with the Taliban, die starting on Saturday and will take two days to discuss key issues and we’ll see if that is the case. “Time is enough … the offer on die Taliban movement to come to Afghanistan and hold talks because die Matter related. The Supreme Council for Reconciliation and Nationalism and the President-in-Office of the Council called for talks within Afghanistan die Taliban for talks. . But we believe that there is currently a wish die Key issues in To discuss Doha, and that is our concern in order to bring peace to Afghanistan.

It is noteworthy that die Idea of ​​dialogue with the Taliban proposed in 2004 by former Afghan President Hamid Karzai and adopted by Washington in 2009. These efforts have been made, however in several stages die Taliban riots hindered and ended with Washington in an agreement in February 2020. What die Afghan-Afghan talks have die Taliban announced a few days ago, die Resume negotiations with the government.

from Kabul

from Kabul

One eye on the field and another on die News about political developments, especially those die around die Possibility of resumption of negotiations between the Taliban and the government is turning the state of the Afghan road today, waiting for this news to reduce the noise of the war, the die Attacks by the Taliban on large parts of the country, taking advantage of the American withdrawal.

What die As far as the history of these negotiations is concerned, they are not a product of the moment since they were proposed by then Afghan President Hamid Karzai in 2004 and in 2008 die Taliban leaders managed to convince Taliban leaders to hold some meetings, some of which were held within Afghanistan, but only became a political alternative and became a political alternative with the launch of the White House in 2009 in the media as die new US strategy in Afghanistan known.

The announcement of this strategy followed die Establishment of the High Peace Council to oversee the dialogue and reconciliation project under the leadership of former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani, which was carried out in 2010 after the assassination of Rabbani die Taliban, die as a negative message from die Move in Direction of the reconciliation project.

Despite the tendency of the United States and the Taliban to overcome this incident and its impact on die To limit relations between the Karzai regime and the Taliban and its influence on die Neutralizing communications between the United States and the movement stumbled again.

The Taliban’s loss of power under pressure from American operations prompted it die Leaders of the first line of the movement to accept the principle of direct dialogue, be it with Washington or with the Afghan government, in 2018 in Doha began.

And it ended in February 2020 with the signing of a contingent peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban calling for the withdrawal of foreign forces within 14 months in exchange for the movement’s commitment to American terms, while coinciding with its progress on the ground. The Taliban did a few days ago die Resumption of negotiations with the Afghan government delegation in Doha announced.

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