Negotiations with Specialized Companies for Providing Mining Concession Areas in Oman’s Energy Sector Nearing Conclusion

Oman’s Ministry of Energy and Minerals has confirmed they are in work underway to prepare a new set of exploration concession areas in the mining sector in preparation to announce and offer them during the first quarter of questyear, targeting chromium, copper, limestone and other minerals.

Energy ministry investment director general Salah bin Hafeez al-Dahab said the ministry is currently in the final stage of negotiations with specialized companies on different concession areas, most of which focus on mineral development of potassium (potassium chloride) and lithium ore research and evaluation.

Hafeez explained that the Sultanate of Oman is characterized by the presence of copper ores, chromite, laterite, magnesium, manganese and other mineral minerals, as well as industrial minerals such as gypsum, silica, limestone and gabbro stones, according to reports from the Oman news agency.

He stated that he hoped that the exploration and exploration operations conducted by the Oman Minerals Development Company and new investors would achieve success and a quantum leap for this sector, with a focus on materials prime associated with clean energy to reduce emissions harmful to the environment.

Last year, Oman’s Ministry of Energy signed about 12 agreements with the Oman Minerals Development Company, in under which the company has commenced exploration work, including aerial geophysical surveys, and then these areas will be developed by the company or with local or foreign investors based on studies relating to preliminary expectations of quantities and minerals that are available in each region according to specifications e standard internationally recognized, such as the “Jork” system in calculating mineral reserves.