“Negotiations with the Russians are difficult”, clarifies Zelensky’s adviser

In a brief statement, the advisor to the Ukrainian president, Mikhailo Podolyak, confirmed that the negotiations continued on Thursday for the fourth consecutive day with the Russian delegation. in video link, in order to find a solution to the clashes between the two countries, are difficult and complex.

He also called the young man who is active on media, in particularly on communication sites, as well as many Ukrainian politicians who appeared since last February, after the Russian operation on the territory of their country, commenting on the negotiations while he was out of it, to stop spreading lies, in reference to some of the comments that have recently spread on the progress of the negotiations Dialogue between the two delegations and reaching a preliminary consensus.

different positions

And on Thursday evening he stressed in a tweet on his Twitter account that the positions and opinions of the two countries are still distant.

Furthermore, he stressed that Kiev will not compromise or compromise on some fundamental issues.

Fourth day in the fourth round

This comment came after the end of a fourth day of consecutive talks (also on the fourth round) between Ukrainian and Russian negotiators via a video link.

Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov accused the Ukrainian delegation of not making enough efforts to reach a solution, saying yesterday in a press release: “The Russian delegation has made enormous efforts and has shown greater willingness on the other side . and is ready to work 24 hours a day, but unfortunately we have not seen such a thing.” commitment by the Ukrainian team.

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Moscow had previously announced that it was close to agreeing on a formula that would keep Ukraine neutral, along the lines of the regime in Austria o in Sweden, which is one of its main demands. However, Kiev confirmed that it rejected tale idea.

Borders and neutrality

It is interesting to note that the talks between the two sides, which began on February 28 in the first round, i.e. only 4 days after the start of the Russian military operation, focused on a number of points, in in particular the arrest of the war and the restoration of Ukrainian lands, including those whose independence Moscow recognized on the borders between the two countries In the Ukrainian east, in addition to the restoration of Crimea, the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian lands, as well as the question of “neutrality” of Kiev.

The question of neutrality is a very important point for Moscow, which has declared more than once that it is suspicious of the plans of its western neighbor, especially after its insistence on joining NATO and the European Union, as well as the flow of weapons. to it, which the Kremlin describes as a red line.

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