Entertainment Nene Leakes And Cynthia Bailey Finally Have Tense One...

Nene Leakes And Cynthia Bailey Finally Have Tense One On One Conversation


It’s the reunion that the majority of Real Homemakers of Atlanta fans have been waiting on– or is it? Tonight, Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey will finally have a one on one conversation.

Regrettably, evaluating from the clips launched in the preview the 2 do not appear to get really far.

Nene and Cynthia have been buddies for several years now however that all pertained to a shrieking stop with the return of Kenya Moore.

After then-pregnant Kenya shocked Bailey at her Seagrams Escape celebration, Nene felt like Cynthia must’ve provided her a direct.

Bailey firmly insisted that she didn’t understand Moore was coming for sure however an incriminating taped conversation in between Kandi Burruss and the supermodel insinuated otherwise.

Ever Since, the 2 have been going back and forth about each other in the media.

Cynthia did several interviews about her frenemy consisting of one that recommended that Nene makes whatever about her. The Broadway star had actually been stating that her co-star has another side that audiences have not had the ability to see.

Throughout their take a seat this evening, Nene discusses why she is distressed with the female she thought about to be like a sibling to her.

‘You had been out doing several interviews before I did one. You did that, OK? And you need to take responsibility for what you did,’ Leakes states.

Cynthia shrugs it off by stating that it does not matter.

Nene counters with: ‘It does matter! Lemme tell you why it matters, because you’ re expected to be my sis, keep in mind? You did 7 interviews,Cynthia You understand me all right to understand that I take my relationships really severe.’

‘Girl, when you get mad at your friends you’ re the first one to attempt to tear them down,’ Cynthia quips.

When Nene concerns her, Cynthia reacts that she take down anybody who she gets mad at.

Nene then states: ‘You know you have your whole side you don’ t desire any person to learn about. You have a side and you have done things however you do not desire individuals to believe that. When it’s you, you desire individuals to believe that’s it me. That’s the problem.’


Just Recently, Nene stated that she and Cynthia remained in a far better location so ideally, this conversation is just the first of numerous.

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