NeNe Leakes has helpful safety tips for women taking Uber in the middle of the night

NeNe Leakes shared some very useful tips for ladies who plan to ride the Uber in the middle of the night. Check out his post here.

“Great facts! Pay attention! And once you are in the car, close the door and open it as if your clothes were stuck in the door to see if the CHILD LOCK was activated !!! If the door doesn’t open, tell the driver that your coat is stuck in the door, and you have to open it! When the door is open, EXIT !!!!!!! NeNe captioned his message on social media.

This managed to spark intense debate in the comments as you will see below.

Somoene said: “Incredible advice but I also cry with laughter”, and another subscriber posted this: “Good advice (not sure of the knife!), We also have problems with Uber here in the UK.”

One commenter wrote, “Get the noon app to ask the emergency police and Life 360 ​​to follow you and your friends,” and an Instagrammer said, “I love it !!! I also share my location with a close family member or friend so that they know where I am. “

Another follower said, “I laugh because I hear you say that. Honestly, great advice!” And someone else posted this: “Not good, should we promote violence … There is so much good and bad with this statement. “

One fan wrote, “ And check and make sure they don’t have child safety BEFORE entering and closing the door, ” and someone said, “ You must first make sure child safety is not in the back seat before you get on. Because you are really in trouble.


Aside from that, NeNe recently told his fans that the most real people are also the ones who will be treated badly.

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