Neolithic tombs discovered in northwest China

Specialists from the Institute of Archeology in Shaanxi province in northwest China have discovered a group of Neolithic tombs.

The Chinese Xinhua news agency indicates that these tombs belong to the Yangshao civilization, which was spread in East Asia along the Yellow River 5-7 thousand years ago. Archaeologists on the outskirts of Xianyang discovered about 60 tombs with the remains of adults.

In addition, in the area of ​​​​this ancient cemetery, scientists discovered the remains of a round trench about 1.2 km long, in which they found fragments and pottery vessels.

Scientists have found accessories made of bone, jade and ordinary stone in the tombs. This is the first time that scientists have found hairpins made of bone.

Archaeologists studying objects found in ancient tombs indicate that these are valuable objects that will reveal the peculiarities of the social structure of this region of China during the Neolithic period.

Source: TASS