NEOM and the OneWeb project provide digital transformation in areas remote

NEOM Digital Technology Holding Company signed a joint agreement venture with OneWeb (the global communications network operating in space) worth $ 200 million to provide a high-speed satellite communications network to NEOM and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as the countries of the Middle East and other neighboring countries East Africa.

In an interview with Al Arabiya on the sidelines of the Future Investment Initiative, Joseph Bradley, CEO of NEOM Digital Technology Holding, confirmed that the agreement with One web It aims to employ low-orbit satellites to provide fast and efficient communications in all areas of NEOM.

According to Bradley, NEOM aims to employ low-orbit satellites to provide fast communications, explaining that the project will provide a satellite communications network. in NEOM, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

One of the best things when you think of NEOM, as human progress in acceleration, is that it’s a project for everyone, so you want to make sure there are no digital gaps and that there are no areas with fast and effective connectivity and other areas that lack that connectivity, Bradley said.

He believes that the biggest problem lies in the fact that access to Internet services via the network in optical fiber is almost impossible in some areas of the project, can take a long time and is very expensive, so the agreement with OneWeb comes to employ low-orbit satellites to provide a fast and effective connection and to make it available in the areas remote of the earth in NEOM.

Therefore, Bradley believes there is no need to tunnel to provide connectivity, as it doesn’t matter where you are in NEOM, you can benefit from the project’s advanced digital cognitive systems.

On the other hand, announced the Arab company for Internet and communication services (Solutions) The day before yesterday he announced that he has signed contracts with the Saudi Telecom Company (STC) worth 201.338 million riyals to support the construction of an advanced data center in the city of NEOM.

The company stated in a statement on “Saudi Tadawul” on Sunday that these contracts will help support NEOM with the data center infrastructure, cloud platform and other application platforms, such as artificial intelligence, big data and Internet services. .

He explained that the aim of the project is to design and build digital solutions for the Neom Telco Park digital platform and support the data center from concept to project delivery.

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