NEOM is the first city in the world to rely entirely on renewable energy

NEOM CEO Nazmi Al-Nasr said NEOM is the first city in the world to rely entirely on renewable energy, despite the challenges it faces in how much is a ‘area new and unprecedented experience.

This happened during his participation in the session “Creating the Future of Mining – What Can the Emerging Minerals Province Do to Become a Technology Front for the Mining Industry in future? “, within the sessions of the International Mining Conference.

Al-Nasr stressed that the company has great ambitions in presence of technical skills and innovation, to make it a prominent example in harmony with the environment and completely dependent on clean energy, according to the Saudi news agency “SPA”.

Al-Nasr indicated that the mining industry is not just a safe industry and can be a leading industry driving renewable and clean energy projects, indicating that NEOM has 4 leading sectors that revolve around research, technology, all artificial intelligence and renewable energy, calling on partners in all over the world to cooperate in the mining sector.

He explained that NEOM focuses on the digital aspect in how it is a pioneering industry and in recent months it has achieved tremendous digital achievements that have transformed the mining industry and made it poised to be a clean industry. production to be exported, in order to achieve sustainability, together with green hydrogen.

The CEO stated that NEOM, together with its partners in ACWA Power has begun building facilities for green hydrogen, the first phase of which is expected to open in 2025, as well as creating two centers: innovation and research.

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