Netanyahu: A nuclear deal that paves the way for Iran will not bind us

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Wednesday that an agreement that paves the way for Iran to acquire nuclear weapons will not bind Israel.

“We are committed to those die want to strike us to prevent them from implementing their goals, “he said, warning of the risk of a revival of the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the major powers.

Revitalization of the nuclear deal

This happened hours after the end of the first round of negotiations to revive the nuclear deal, die last night in the Vienna hotel between western countries (Germany, France and Great Britain, in addition to China and Russia) and Iran ended and came to the conclusion that die Consultations were completed between two expert groups should be completed.

Two groups of experts were also charged with the task of die List of sanctions, die die United States must repeal against Iran, and die List of commitments that Tehran will meet under the agreement that die both groups a report on this next Friday, the day of the meeting of the joint committee.

Shuttle tours

British, French and German officials are supposed to be between the American and Iranian delegations in two separate hotels in Commuting to Vienna.

It is worth noting that last year the Iranian parliament passed a law that die Government committed to their stance in to exacerbate the nuclear issue. The law obliges Iran to start enriching uranium by 20% and also provides for at least 120 kilograms of uranium to be enriched at this level every year, an average of 10 kilograms per month.

Uranium is considered from a rate of 20% in highly enriched, and achieving this percentage is an important step in Direction of enrichment in to an extent that for die Production of a nuclear weapon is suitable.

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