Netanyahu is gone but is preparing to jump from opposition seats

After more than a decade as prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who has long been a familiar face to Israel, is turning to the fringes of the political scene.

But even while he’s over a lawsuit die leads the corruption allegations he disputes, Netanyahu, as opposition leader, will be ready to attack a new ruling coalition made up of right-wing, centrist and Arab parties. die have nothing in common except the desire to suppress it.

And as a sign of what die Days to come, Netanyahu, 71, grumpily warned on television of the formation of a “dangerous left government”.

Netanyahu designated die current scene angry as “Fraud of the Century” after his far-right comrade Naftali Bennett turned against him on Sunday and opted for an alliance with centrist opposition leader Yair Lapid, despite publicly promising not to do so.

Netanyahu is gone but is preparing to jump from opposition seats

Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett

Under a power-sharing agreement following the March 23 election, Israel’s fourth in two years, Bennett – a former defense secretary and high-tech millionaire – will become prime minister.

Two years later he hands over die Position at Lapid, who was once the minister of finance in Netanyahu’s government.

The different composition of the Lapid-Bennett Alliance can lead to an unstable situation, in particular in a country divided by political divisions to the point where it is normal to repeat elections, which means no one in Israel die Netanyahu’s return to political life.

Netanyahu’s recent remarks were reminiscent of die Language of former US President Donald Trump, his closest ally at international level, who also lost his position, but still does die Enjoys the loyalty of his followers.

Netanyahu and Trump 2017 in Jerusalem

Netanyahu and Trump 2017 in Jerusalem

For voters loyal to Netanyahu, he remains a leader with a strong stance on security and a shield against pressure, even from US President Joe Biden, for taking courageous steps die could lead to the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Netanyahu could continue from the opposition benches die Sing message that die If necessary, the new coalition would be tied up by left-wing members to take military steps against Israel’s enemies.

To be in the spotlight while lapid in After intensive negotiations about a change of government, Netanyahu apparently decided on Tuesday to argue with Biden over how to deal with the Iranian nuclear program and again hinted at it die Possibility of an Israeli attack.

“If we have to choose, and I hope it doesn’t, between friction with our great friend the United States and eliminating the existential threat, then wins die Eliminate the existential threat, “said Netanyahu in a speech.

The past few years have been difficult for Netanyahu and his excellent leadership in the COVID-19 vaccination campaign was not enough to prevent a slump in its political stakes.

After 12 consecutive years in office, he had a growing feeling that he had played for dead on criminal charges, favors media leaders and illegally received exorbitant gifts of cigars and champagne.

Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah after the Likud victory in the 2019 elections

Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sarah after the Likud victory in the 2019 elections

Netanyahu denies wrongdoing and, without providing evidence, says he is “the victim of a deep state conspiracy against him”.

Netanyahu, popularly known by his nickname “Bibi”, is the son of a historian and visited die High school and die university in the United States, where his father was a professor.

Since he was Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations from 1984 to 1988, his outspoken voice has been heard on the world stage.

He entered as a MP for the Likud Party in die entered Israeli politics, became its leader in 1993 and remained dominant for decades in the Israeli political scene.

The formation of the new government means a rare defeat for Netanyahu. The last time he and his wife Sarah pack up and die The prime minister’s residence was before the turn of the millennium.

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