Netflix: 29 best true crime docuseries on Netflix

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Tiger King season 2 - best true crime docuseries on Netflix

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True crime docuseries on Netflix

The true-crime genre is chock full of exhilarating affairs, but none entertain fans more than those that come in the form of documentary series. While many places boast a plethora of enthralling endeavors in this field, it is hard to argue that Netflix isn’t one of the best the industry has to offer.

Netflix has no shortage of exemplary options within its extensive menu of choices, and any subscribe would be hard-pressed not to find something they will undoubtedly become engrossed by from start to finish. So many notable titles occupy their excellent library, but it’s their Netflix original programming that really stands out among the rest.

The streamer’s stellar docuseries category is a robustly stacked affair, to say the least, with so many gripping topics with the focus ranging all over the place from graphic design to sex education and everything one could imagine falling in between. But it is really the true-crime ordeals that get the audience excited, and more often than not, many of the documentary series installments that fall under the thought-provoking genre make their way to the top of the streaming service’s charts.

If anxious true crime fans are looking for a game-changing deep dive into some of the most darkest moments in the history of the world or incredibly extraordinary revelations about the many evils lurking in the shadows within today’s society, then look no further than the documentary series section on the popular streaming service. If you’re a ubscribers looking for some truly intently riveting iterations of true crime greatness then look no further than 29 best true crime docuseries on Netflix.

Let’s get the list started with Unsolved Mysteries! 

Unsolved Mysteries

For years, Unsolved Mysteries showcased all kinds of thought-provoking cases that had yet to be solved, which fans absolutely enjoyed week after week. Then after a long hiatus, Netflix rebooted the series with the original creators John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer and Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy.

This time around, the series would have no host because it’s almost impossible to recreate the presence of the infamous original host Robert Stack. However, the Netflix version of this series pays homage in a brilliantly appropriate manner for the show within the opening credits.

Like the original, the Netflix docuseries focuses on vivid, character-driven stories about unimaginable and unbelievable events shrouded in a captivating mystery. Reports of UFO abductions, extraordinary missing persons cases, murder scenes that defy logic, and shocking prison escapes are just some of the intriguing tales told in the new episodes of Unsolved Mysteries.

Netflix has two volumes of Unsolved Mysteries for fans to get swept up in over and over again. There are 12 entries in total, and subscribers should approach cautiously because it’s easy to get so caught up in the enigma of it all, they may find themselves caught in a binge session spanning the whole docuseries in one splendid sitting.

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