Netflix: 365 Days 2: First set photos of Michele Morrone filming shower scene revealed

Filming is officially underway for 365 Days 2, the sequel to the steamy erotic film which debuted in 2020. Although the original movie, which made its way to Netflix last June, was met with controversy for what many believe was romanticizing sexual violence, others who watched the drama couldn’t help but form crushes on the two leads, Michele Morrone (Don Massimo Torricelli) and Anna-Maria Sieklucka (Laura Biel).

Regardless of what you might think of the first film, another is on its way, and so is a third. Netflix picked up the series after seeing the popularity of 365 Days, and now two sequels will premiere on the streaming service. So get ready, because this next installment in this sexy series is coming soon.

As we previously reported, production on 365 Days 2 began in May of this year, and now we officially have our first ever set photos to ogle over! In images obtained by Just Jared, you can see star Michele Morrone filming a shower scene, showing off his impressive abs and then even stripping down to nothing.

The publication has a full gallery of NSFW photos of Morrone naked while on set, which you can check out here. And you can catch a glimpse at some of the more appropriate photos in the Instagram post from Just Jared below.

Michele Morrone strips down naked filming 365 Days 2

Netflix is reportedly filming the second and third movies back to back, and the series is based on a book trilogy written by Blanka Lipinska. While it hasn’t been confirmed how closely the next two movies will follow the source material, we can likely expect them to be just as sensual. In a Deadline report announcing the next two movies, it was made clear the Netflix adaptations might be less controversial than the original, stating:

“The sequels will still be based on the book trilogy (sometimes called ‘the Polish 50 Shades of Grey’) by Polish author Blanka Lipinska, who co-wrote the first script with Mojca Tirs, and the pair return for the next two [installments] alongside Tomasz Mandes. However, I understand the plot is likely to deviate from those texts and some of the potentially controversial content could be softened.”

Hopefully, the streaming service can undo some of the wrongs from the original film, or else they might have a problem. When 365 Days was initially released on Netflix, there was a petition to have it removed once people started watching it. And understandably.

While we’re expecting a less controversial film out of 365 Days 2, if these new set photos of Michele Morrone tell us anything, there likely won’t be less nudity.

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