Netflix: 5 best documentaries on Netflix this weekend: Heist and more

There are so many good documentaries on Netflix right now. Netflix is always adding new documentaries, especially documentaries of the true crime genre, so we put together a list of the best documentaries to watch on Netflix this weekend (July 24, 2021).

We tried to make sure there’s something for everyone, but there’s just too much out there. Everyone has different tastes in documentaries and docuseries. I’m a fan of pretty much everything when it comes to docs, but my favorites are animal/planet docs, food docs, and of course, true crime, although they always make me quite sad.

Let’s get the list of the best documentaries on Netflix this weekend started with a docuseries in the Netflix Top 10, Heist. 

Best documentaries on Netflix

1. Heist 

Heist premiered on Netflix on July 14. The docuseries focuses on three different heists and tells the story in two parts, so there are six episodes in the first season of the docuseries.

If you like bank robbery and true crime stories that dive into the ridiculous, Heist is the show for you on Netflix. Fans can’t get enough of this docuseries, and it’s been on the Netflix Top 10 list since it premiered in mid-July.

Fans are also hoping for Heist season 2! Hopefully, Netflix has more where this series came from!

2. Naomi Osaka 

Naomi Osaka, the tennis star who just carried the torch at the 2020 (or 2021?) Tokyo Olympics, is featured in a new Netflix original documentary series. It’s absolutely a must-watch for tennis fans, sports fans, and anyone interested in what it’s like to be an international star at such a young age and all the things, good and bad, that come with it.

3. Sophie: A Murder in West Cork

This is the pick for true crime fans after you watch (or even before) Heist on Netflix this weekend. Sophie: A Murder in West Cork tells the story of the murder of Sophie Toscan Du Plantier in Ireland. The investigation spans decades.

4. Seaspiracy 

Seaspiracy is a Netflix original investigative documentary that explores the problems with commercial fishing, pollution, and human rights abuses and how it all relates to climate change, the environment, and more. It’s an eye-opening look at the seafood industry.

5. Audible 

Audible tells the story of Amaree McKenstry, a star football player at the Maryland School for the Deaf. The documentary follows McKenstry’s life, growing up deaf in a hearing family, and more. The documentary also focuses on how McKenstry and his friends deal with the suicide of a close friend.

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