Netflix: 5 good movies on Netflix to watch this weekend: June 12-13, 2021

Not sure what to watch tonight on Netflix? There have been some great movies throughout the week. Here are five movies on Netflix for this weekend.

Whether you want a thriller or you’re looking for something for the family, Netflix tends to have us covered with movies. There really is something for all interests, whether you look back at the older content that arrived throughout the month or you’re looking for something new.

The good news about this week is that plenty arrived covering all sorts of interests. You may have made some of the movies the top of your watch list as soon as they arrived, but others you’ll be keeping for the weekend.

Not sure where to start this weekend? Here are five good movies on Netflix to check out from June 12 to 13, 2021.

5 must-watch movies on Netflix this weekend


For those who love post-apocalyptic thrillers, Awake is the latest on Netflix. It takes place in a world where a global event wipes out all technology and stops people from sleeping. Jill is a former soldier who will do whatever she can to protect her daughter, who still seems to be able to sleep.

There are a lot of questions throughout. What caused the event? Why can’t people sleep? Can the world be saved when there are only days to figure it all out?

A Haunted House 2

Next up is a comedy horror. Marlon Waynes returns to face off paranormal beings once more. It’s a found footage-style movie that sees Marlon move into a house with his new girlfriend now that he’s exorcised the demons of his ex.

Can their relationship survive when the paranormal events start happening again? It’s a little bit of fun for the night.

Skater Girl

Coming-of-age stories make from some excellent movies. Skater Girl is that, and this time it’s more than just an American high school girl finding her place in the world. This time we have a young Indian girl who is in a world where women don’t really get that much choice in life, but she wants to change that.

When she falls in love with skateboarding, she decides she wants to follow that passion. Not everyone is on her side, but who says that young girls can’t dream?

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Wish Dragon

Want something for the whole family? The next of the movies on Netflix is perfect for you. Wish Dragon is an animated movie all about a young boy who meets a dragon who can grant wishes. The clue really is in the title!

This boy is on a journey to reunite with his best friend. Can the dragon help? What will the two experience on this journey?

The Devil Below

You’ll need to wait until Sunday, June 13 for this last movie on the list. This is for the horror fans out there. It follows a group of amateur adventurers in the Appalachian Mountains.

When there’s a mysterious force that starts to attack, the adventure becomes a matter of survival. Who will make it out alive on The Devil Below?

Which movies on Netflix are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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