Netflix: 7 wildest moments in Outer Banks season 2

The show of the summer has finally arrived. Outer Banks season 2 premiered on Netflix on July 30 and brought us back to the world of the Pogues.

Because it’s the show of the summer, both on Netflix and any other network, we’re definitely going to be talking for months about every single twist and turn — and we’re not just referring to all of those ships we’re keeping an eye on.

In the second season of Outer Banks, the Pogues embark on their most dangerous missions yet to track down various treasures. They fight familiar foes and meet new enemies, all resulting in one heck of a wild season you can’t miss.

From the reunion we’ve all been waiting for to the ultimate escape from an unofficially cursed cargo ship, here just seven of the wildest moments from OBX season 2.

WARNING: Spoilers from Outer Banks season 2 ahead!

The Pogues reunite in Outer Banks season 2

Maybe it’s not the wildest moment in a season full of wild moments, but who else wasn’t entirely sure John B and Sarah would reunite with JJ, Kiara and Pope?

When they all happen to be in Charleston at the same time for different reasons and their paths continue to cross, the anxiety of a missed connection pulses through the screen. Finally, the Pogues reunite on a bike carriage and make their getaway back to the Outer Banks.

Rafe shoots Sarah in Outer Banks season 2

We’re all well aware that Rafe isn’t to be trusted and he’s got more than a few anger management issues that should have been tended to a long time ago. But did anyone actually expect Rafe to shoot his own sister and nearly kill her?

In Rafe’s defense (three words that should never be uttered AGAIN), the shot was accidental and meant for John B. Although he didn’t intend to shoot Sarah, he intended to shoot the most important person in her life. Rafe needs to see jail immediately.

JJ, Kiara and Pope catch Ward kill Gavin

Just like with Rafe, we know Ward Cameron is bad news. So, it’s not surprising that in an effort to help clear John B’s name, the Pogues watch from a building across the street, in the pouring rain, as Ward shadily kills Gavin, the only person will knowledge of the truth in Sheriff Peterkin’s murder. Not to mention, he uses — and then ditches — the same exact murder weapon.

Ward fakes his death in Outer Banks season 2

Of course, Ward continued to be up to no good in OBX season 2, but does the sketchy Cameron patriarch die? Well, yes. But also no. In one of the season’s truly wildest moments, Ward blows up the My Druthers with himself on board.

However, it was all smoke and mirrors. He uses the scuba gear on the boat to dive off at the last second. As Sarah later learns when she’s kidnapped onto the Coastal Venture, Ward fakes his own death in an effort to clear Rafe’s name and run from their problems. What?!?

Outer Banks season 2


John B fights an alligator

First, Archie fought a bear on Riverdale, and now we have John B fighting an alligator in Outer Banks season 2. In one of the many life-or-death situations for the Pogues, John B gets attacked by the gator while they’re in search of the Cross of Santo Domingo. It was a real nail-biter there for a minute, but the lead Pogue walks away with a minor leg wound.

The Pogues escape the Coastal Venture

Stowing away on a cargo ship in a cramped shipping container isn’t the most dangerous idea the Pogues have ever come up with, but it’s certainly one of the wildest. Still, the second they venture out of the container and onto the Coastal Venture, there’s danger at every turn.

The Pogues, with help from John B and Sarah’s friend Cleo from the Bahamas, divide and conquer in order to save Sarah and regain possession of the Cross of Santo Domingo. If you were able to watch OBX season 2, episode 10 with any sense of chill, you’re one of the few!

No one really dies in Outer Banks season 2

Thankfully, all of our Pogues make it out of season 2 alive, even though there were definitely some close calls that were way too close for comfort. And while our villain also didn’t actually die, it seems someone else didn’t either… John B’s dad was revealed to be alive in the season-ending cliffhanger. WHO saw that coming, and what does it mean for OBX season 3?

Which of the wildest moments from Outer Banks season 2 were your favorite? Do you think any moments were wilder? Share your OBX thoughts in the comments!

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