Netflix announces the ultimate Stranger Things game: Get ready to enter the Upside Down!

Stranger Things: From TV Show to Game Series

Since 2016, Stranger Things is a truly global phenomenon. 80s nostalgia has touched many fans. Alas, all good things must come to an end and this series is slowly approaching its conclusion when the fifth and final season sees the light of day. This ending will be released later at cause of the writers’ strike which delayed production.

The Games

In the meantime, the fans can still look into the two official games in the series. The first is called Stranger Things: 1984 and the second Stranger Things 3: The Game. Ideal productions to immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the 80s without watching the previous seasons again.

Netflix and Video Games

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Netflix, Stranger Things and video games

Netflix is ​​best known for being the reference platform for streaming series, films, and other productions. Strong of son successes, games are also part of the catalog available to subscribers, but they are too often set aside despite the quality of the titles on offer. Netflix Games thus has the firm intention of strengthening itself and winning the hearts of subscribers, and has already recruited Chacko Sonnythe former producer of Overwatch, and Joseph Staten who is one of the first creative managers of the saga Halo. In short, Netflix Games does not go there main death regarding the creation of future video game productions.

Future Production

Lately, Leanne LoombeNetflix’s vice president in charge of external games spoke about the company’s productions, but also Stranger Things:

As we muscle up to launch more games and learn more things, we will naturally move to larger, more complex AAA-like experiences across internal and external studios.

We already know that a Stranger Things VR game should see the light of day this year, where fans will embody Vecna. It would, therefore, seem that another larger Stranger Things video game production is to be expected from Netflix. In short, despite the end of the series, the fans will hear about this franchise for a long time to come.