Netflix: Are there really alligators in Outer Banks, North Carolina?

Outer Banks season 2 has arrived and chances are if you’d made it to this page, you too have started your binge watch of the season and are hoping to get an answer to one of the burning questions from the season: are there really alligators in Outer Banks, North Carolina?

** Warning Outer Banks season 2 spoilers ahead ** 

During the second season of Outer Banks, the Pogues find themselves in a number of dangerous situations which was to be expected. What wasn’t expected was for that list of threats to include an alligator attack!

That’s right while tracking down the Cross of Santa Domingo, the Pogues find themselves wading through a swamp which leads to an unexpected encounter with an alligator that nearly costs John B his life.

While searching for wood in the swamp to free John B’s van, John B finds himself in an unexpected wrestling match with an alligator. Luckily, John B is able to fight the gator off with the help of his pals and makes it out of the attack with only a minor wound on his leg.

Are there alligators in Outer Banks, North Carolina?

Although John B getting attacked by an alligator is one of the least crazy things to happen in season 2, the alligator attack has many wondering if there are actually gators in the Outer Banks or if that was an element worked into the show for dramatic effect. So are there actually alligators in Outer Banks, North Carolina?

As it turns out, American Alligators are indeed a native species of the Outer Banks known to populate areas such as the Alligator River, Milltail Creek, Sawyer Lake, and in the border canals. However, it turns out, alligator encounters and sightings are actually said to be rare as the species are often described as being shy Outer Banks animals.

In other words, while there are technically alligators in the Outer Banks, the odds of seeing one seems to be relatively low compared to in states such as Florida and Louisiana where gator sightings are more frequent.

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