Netflix: Cooking with Paris age rating: Is it appropriate for kids?

The newest (and hottest) cooking show Cooking with Paris finally premiered on Netflix on Aug. 4. Reality TV legend Paris Hilton is whipping up some classic meals with the help of some of her famous best friends and, though she’s a bit of an amateur when it comes to the skill, she’s not shying away from stirring up some trouble in the kitchen.

It’s a series that is nothing but good fun for you and your family, however, being that the new release does feature plenty of older adults, you’re probably wondering whether or not the show is kid-friendly. We tell you Cooking with Paris’ age rating, right here.

Cooking with Paris age rating

Currently, Netflix has rated Hilton’s new series TV-MA, meaning that only mature audiences can watch these episodes. The new series features scenes where strong language is used and also has a fair share of mature topics being discussed, which means your younger ones are going to want to stay far away from Cooking with Paris.

Although your young ones won’t be able to see Paris Hilton hilariously butcher everyday dishes, there are some other scrumptious titles that may fill their cooking show cravings.

The Big Family Cooking Showdown is a great watch for you and the kids as it features families competing in the kitchen for a grand prize. You and your loved ones will be able to spend some quality time together and also learn how to chef it up like the pros.

If you prefer something a little less competition-heavy, TV series Nadiya’s Time to EatChef’s Table and High on the Hog are sure to do the trick as these aesthetically pleasing shows will certainly soothe your soul (and make you a little hungry).

Netflix has a plethora of cooking shows available to watch just like Cooking with Paris! You are guaranteed to find something that fits you and your young one’s appetite.

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