Netflix: Did Netflix pick up Manifest?

Manifesters have been keeping the faith since NBC canceled Manifest after three seasons in June, and it appears that faith is starting to grow into something rewarding.

Since getting canceled by NBC and landing on Netflix with its first two seasons, Manifest has been dominating the streaming game and gaining passionate new fans along the way. Flight 828 just might stick the landing, thanks to nearly breaking records on Netflix.

Amid weeks of the #SaveManifest hashtag picking up steam on Twitter and creator Jeff Rake, along with the cast, keeping the fight to tell the full story alive, the efforts to rescue the series amounted to Netflix and NBC rethinking their decisions to pass on Manifest.

While the fate of the series remains up in the air, new fans and devoted Manifesters alike might be wondering exactly where the series stands and what the future will hold. Has Netflix picked up Manifest season 4? Here’s the all the latest, up-to-date details.

Is Manifest season 4 happening on Netflix?

Currently, as of this writing on July 23, Netflix has not picked up Manifest for season 4. However, we will be sure to keep Manifesters up date with the latest news regarding the talks surrounding the fate of the fan-favorite show.

Of course, when news broke that Netflix and NBC reentered talks about un-canceling Manifest in the wake of its continued incredible streaming numbers, Manifesters received their biggest ray of hope since the series was axed.

Both Netflix and NBC are interested in bringing back Manifest, and discussions with distributor Warner Bros. Television remain ongoing. No doubt it’s all about hammering out the financials, cast options and all kinds of behind-the-scenes variables that need to align for the big save.

There’s a scenario where the series returns to either the network or the streamer, but could a joint deal with Netflix and NBC be on the table? It wouldn’t be unheard of since the network and streamer have joined forces for shows like Good Girls in the past.

Not to mention, NBC and Netflix seem to have a great working relationship right now given the returns of 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights on Netflix this August, as well as Chicago Med coming to the streamer in July. But Warner Bros. has a major role in these discussions, too.

While the hope for Netflix to pick up Manifest season 4 looks better than ever, we still have yet to have the celebratory moment of it being official. Now’s the time to keep watching and keep the believing in the power of fandom, streaming ratings and just plain good TV.

Stay tuned for the latest Manifest news and updates from Netflix Life!

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