Netflix: Dynasty season 4 is not coming to Netflix in August 2021

If you have been watching and loving Dynasty season 4 on The CW, you’re probably wondering when the new season will make its way to Netflix. Likewise, fans around the world are more than likely eager to catch up with the Carringtons and co. in Dynasty on Netflix.

In the most recent season of the primetime sudser, Fallon and Liam trudge through their first year of marriage after a chaotic wedding, while Fallon also refocuses on rebuilding her own dynasty outside of her father’s control, name and influence.

Dynasty season 4 has also teased an upcoming death, with every few episodes showing an emotional Fallon sitting front row at a funeral. Each glimpse of the flash-forward has brought in another character to join Fallon in mourning, leaving us still to wonder who will die.

Unfortunately, if you’re not watching Dynasty on The CW, you will have to continue to wait patiently for season 4 to come to Netflix. When the streamer announced its complete list of August new release movies and shows, Dynasty season 4 was not included.

Dynasty season 4 Netflix release date

Even though the latest season of Dynasty won’t be coming to Netflix this month, we have a decent estimation of when that could happen. Considering we are nearly halfway through the season at the end of July, the season should wrap up by early October.

Of course, that’s an estimate that doesn’t account for a potential weeks with a rerun, preemption or two-hour episode (the latter of which the series has never had). However, if season 4 does end in early October, the new episodes should be streaming on Netflix eight days after the televised season finale.

Because The CW’s schedule wound up postponed due to the pandemic, Dynasty season 5 will again be held for midseason sometime in 2022 rather than premiering in the fall. At least we know for sure that new episodes of Dynasty will be on Netflix by the end of 2021.

But if you can’t wait until October to watch season 4 and need your drama fix sooner, check out addictive shows like Elite and fellow CW guilty pleasure Riverdale, as well as comedies like Never Have I Ever and Emily in Paris on Netflix.

Dynasty airs new episodes Fridays at 9/8c on The CW. Stay tuned for more Dynasty season 4 news and updates from Netflix Life!

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