Netflix: Every Lucifer season 6 spoiler revealed at [email protected]

Lucifer hasn’t been to San Diego Comic-Con since 2016, but Netflix did not disappoint with the show’s [email protected] panel!

Hosted on July 24 as part of this year’s virtual event, star Tom Ellis joined co-showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson for a panel hosted by The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star Luke Cook and the trio did not hold back on dishing out intel about the upcoming sixth season.

Across the 23 minute panel, Ellis, Modrovich and Henderson offered up several teases about the upcoming final season including previews of what’s to come for various characters and Easter eggs for fans to keep an eye out for in the upcoming episodes.

Miss the panel and wondering what spoilers were revealed? Below we share every major spoiler shared during the Lucifer [email protected] panel!

** Warning: Potential Lucifer season 6 spoilers ahead ** 

Will Lucifer solve any cases in Lucifer season 6?

For those hoping to see Lucifer team up with Chloe to solve at least one last case before the show’s conclusion, you’re in luck! As Tom Ellis revealed, solving cases is now in Lucifer’s DNA and “he’s got quite a few mysteries to solve in season 6.”

If Chloe takes up Lilith’s ring, will she die?

After Chloe took up Lilith’s ring, one question that has been on the minds of fans is whether she’ll die. As Ildy Modrovich was quick to reveal during the [email protected] panel, “No, [Chloe] will not die.”

Not only will Chloe not die as the result of taking Lilith’s ring, but the ring itself does not seem to have any powers any longer.

“We can reveal the ring had a certain amount of power. The power was used to bring her back, now [the ring] just looks awesome on her hand,” Joe Henderson revealed.

Will Ella get together with Corbett in Lucifer season 6?

As we look ahead to Lucifer season 6, it appears we should get to see what’s to come for Ella and Carol Corbett in season 6. Although we’ll have to wait to see if the pair get together in season 6, Joe Henderson has confirmed the couple’s relationship will be explored in the final episodes of the show.

“So much of what we were building in season 5 was Dan leaving a legacy and one of the things he tried to do with his dying breath was, to a certain extent, is introduce Ella to someone he thought might be good for her. That is definitely something we will explore in season 6.”

Will Amenadiel become a detective in Lucifer season 6?

As we look ahead to the final season, it seems Amenadiel will be taking up a new career path in looking to follow Lucifer’s lead by entering the world of law enforcement next season. While it’s unclear whether Amenadiel will become a detective, Ildy Modrovich has revealed he will be joining the LAPD in some form come season 6.

Will Ella learn the truth about Lucifer in season 6?

After remaining in the dark about Lucifer’s big secret every season of the show, it seems Ella might finally discover the truth about her pal before the series comes to an end.

Although Tom Ellis and company would not say for certain whether Ella will learn the truth about Lucifer in season 6, Ellis did note that “she’s the only one who hasn’t worked that out yet and it’s the final season, so you work it out,” which seems to suggest she will in fact learn the truth in season 6.

What’s next for Michael in Lucifer season 6?

After being defeated by Lucifer, it seems Michael could be heading to Hell in season 6.

“Well, because Lucifer showed him his good grace and decided not to do what he should have done which is kill him, he sent him where people should go to think about what they’ve done. So Michael’s spending time in time out,” Ellis teased.

While no location was confirmed, Ellis’s comments seem to suggest Lucifer will be sending Michael to Hell after defeating him in the season 5 finale.

Lucifer season 6 Easter eggs

When the final season arrives, there will be a few fun Easter eggs for long-time fans to look out for including a cameo that ties back to how the show first started.

“A dear friend of mine, Mr. Matt Corby, comes back to remind us how the whole show started in the first place. That’s one of the Easter eggs,” Tom Ellis revealed.

In addition to Corby’s return, Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson have revealed Lucifer season 6 will also feature the return of a familiar face in the form of a favorite guest star from a previous season and will also introduce a character who has been talked about but never seen on the show.

Lucifer season 6 is coming to Netflix on Sept. 10, 2021! You can check out the complete Lucifer [email protected] panel below!

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