Netflix: Gone for Good release date, cast, synopsis, trailer and more

There’s a new mystery thriller limited series coming to Netflix soon, and we’re waiting to add it to our binge-watch list! Gone for Good is sure to make Netflix’s top 10 list when it releases on its platform.

The French miniseries is based on the best-selling book by mystery and thriller novelist Harlan Coben. It’s created by David Elkaïm and Vincent Poymiro and is directed by Juan Carlos Medina, according to Netflix.

Gone for Good is set in the city of love, Paris, so how is everything going to go left? We won’t know until the thriller is released. For now, let’s prepare ourselves for Gone for Good‘s release by learning everything there is to know about the film.

Gone for Good release date

Gone for Good will be available to watch on Netflix starting Aug. 13, 2021. This means that we have 9 days left until we’re let into this mystery thriller’s world! In the meantime, you can watch a series on Netflix that is similar called Who Killed Sara?  That show is very suspenseful!

Gone for Good cast

Seeing as though this miniseries is set in France, the majority of the cast is French. The cast of Gone for Good includes Finnegan Oldfield as Guillaume Lucchesi, Garance Marillier as Sonia, Nailia Harzoune as Judith, Nicolas Duvauchelle as Fred, Bojesse Christopher as Jo Ostertag and many others.

Gone for Good plot synopsis

We shared the Gone for Good synopsis, via Netflix, below!

Guillaume Lucchesi had drawn a line under the terrible tragedy which saw the two people he loved the most die: Sonia, his first love, and Fred, his brother. Ten years later, Judith, his new lover, suddenly disappears. To find her, Guillaume will have to face all the truths hidden by his family and friends, as well as the ones he’d decided to ignore. For better, but mostly for worse.

Gone for Good looks to be the mystery thriller series of the summer based on this synopsis! Maybe we should take a look at the trailer to prove our point.

Gone for Good trailer

YouTube video

There’s so much happening in this trailer, and I’m not going to lie, I had to go back a couple of times and even adjust the playback speed to really see what was happening in each clip. It looks like Guillaume is losing his mind as he tries to piece together why bad things keep happening to him. Also, with that closing clip, it looks like Judith isn’t as innocent as she seems.

I mean, Guillaume is finding out that his missing girlfriend knows his ex and has been hiding a daughter. Not only that, his brother may not be dead. I would be losing my mind, too!

We’ll know the full story when Gone for Good drops on Aug.13 on Netflix. But, when should we be expecting the miniseries?

What time is Gone for Good on Netflix?

Gone for Good will be released on Netflix at 12:01 a.m. PT/3:01 a.m. ET. This may be a challenge, but if you could do it for Outer Banks, you could do it for Gone for Good. The miniseries is only five episodes, so you’ll be finished with the series before you know it!

We can’t wait until Gone for Good premieres on Netflix on August 13, 2021!

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