Netflix: Good Girls season 4 is not coming to Netflix in August 2021

The curtains have officially closed on Good Girls. After four seasons on NBC, the underrated crime dramedy has ended with the Good Girls season 4 finale doubling as the series finale in July 2021. The network canceled the fan-favorite series, an unfortunate blow to fans enjoying the wild ride of its titular trio.

Good Girls found itself in a similar situation to fellow NBC fan-favorite series Manifest and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, both of which were also axed in spite of passionate fandoms. Sadly, only one of those series has a solid chance of being saved for another season.

On top of the cancellation news, fans received the additional blow that neither another network or Netflix would save the series due to financial setbacks. Being so, Good Girls season 4 acts as the unofficial final season of the series.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking to catching up with Good Girls season 4 on Netflix in August, the final season won’t be coming. Here’s when to expect the last hurrah and where to watch the episodes right now.

Good Girls season 4 Netflix release date predictions

When Netflix announced its complete list of new release movies and shows for August 2021, Good Girls season 4 wasn’t among them. To be fair, we weren’t expecting the final season to start streaming so soon, but that surprise would have been nice for fans.

New seasons of Good Girls typically arrive on Netflix about one year after the season’s premiere, which would bring season 4 to your watch list in spring 2022. Since season 4 premiered in March 2021, the best estimate for a Netflix release date is March 2022. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait that long, though.

But if you definitely can’t wait that long to get your fix, a handful of season 4 episodes are available to watch on Hulu and the complete fourth season is available to stream on with a cable provider login. However, we do know that the final season will stream on Netflix soon.

Stay tuned for more Good Girls season 4 Netflix release date news and updates!

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