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Netflix: How many seasons of Elite are there?


Out of all the awesome foreign-language shows on Netflix, Elite might just be the most scandalous. Starting off in season 1 following a group of students who receive scholarships to a prestigious private school for wealthy teens after their public school collapsed, the Spanish show explores class dynamics as well as relationships, sex, drugs, and all the drama of being a high schooler.

Each season introduces different characters as new students begin attending Las Encinas, and with those new faces come new scandals and mysteries to solve. If you’re a fan of shows like 13 Reasons Why, Riverdale, and Gossip Girl, you’ll want to check out Elite. Every episode presents a new obstacle for the central characters, along with some shocking revelations.

Now that a new season of Elite is premiering on Netflix this Friday, June 18, you might want to know how many installments of the drama series are available to stream, as well as the special episodes which have started today. Here’s everything you should know before binging!

What season is Elite on?

So far, there are three seasons and counting of the Spanish series. Elite season 4 is debuting on June 18, so get ready! Season 1 debuted on Netflix back in October 2018, with season 2 coming out in September 2019. The third installment premiered in March 2020, fortunately finishing up filming before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down productions around the world.

What are the Elite short stories?

As a treat for Elite fans, Netflix announced in May that a series of special episodes, a.k.a. “short stories,” would be debuting in the week leading up to the season 4 premiere. As reported by Elite Daily, the first of four short stories, titled “Guzman + Caye + Rebe,” has been released on Netflix today, June 14. “Nadia + Guzman” will come out on June 15, “Omar + Ander + Alexis” is next on June 16, and finally, “Carla + Samuel” will be released on June 17.

Elite: Short Stories is meant to show us what happened to some of our favorite characters that we didn’t get to see during seasons 1 to 3. Because the show follows so many students, fans still have a bunch of unanswered questions about some of their storylines. Hopefully, this will give us what we’ve been missing!

If you’re new to the show, definitely start with season 1. And if you’re a hardcore fan, don’t miss Elite season 4 when it debuts this Friday, June 18!

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