Netflix: I Think You Should Leave season 2 release date, cast, trailer and more

We finally know the release date for I Think You Should Leave season 2. The new season of the hit sketch comedy series from Tim Robinson is coming to Netflix in July 2021.

The bones are their money! Last year, the Netflix original series I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson was renewed for a second season, according to Variety. I guess Christmas came early last year.

The acclaimed Netflix series is a sketch comedy variety show centered around, well, weird people and situations. Most of these sketches star SNL alum Tim Robinson, along with a long list of guest stars including Vanessa Bayer, Sam Richardson, Will Forte, Andy Samberg, Cecily Strong, and many others. The show is created by Robinson and Zach Kanin, and co-produced by The Lonely Island.

Below you’ll find all the information regarding the show’s upcoming second season, hopefully arriving in the next few months!

I Think You Should Leave season 2 release date

Christmas came early this year! The official release date for season 2 of I Think You Should Leave will be July 6. Netflix confirmed it on June 8 via Twitter.

I Think You Should Leave cast

Tim Robinson will obviously return and expect some more familiar faces to pop up as guest stars in season 2. Sam Richardson also disclosed that he will be returning to the second season of the show – whether that entails the return of his Baby of the Year host or the Christmas Cyborg is up in the air.

We’ll let you know the full cast of I Think You Should Leave season 2 when we find out!

I Think You Should Leave season 2 trailer

Nothing yet! We’ll be sure to share the trailer for I Think You Should Leave season 2 when Netflix releases it!

In the meantime, rewatch the first season! Or just the best clips! All the episodes clock in around fifteen minutes each, making for a super easy, delightful binge! Do it! You have to marry your mother-in-law!

I Think You Should Leave synopsis

I Think You Should Leave season 2 doesn’t follow a specific formula as much as it revolves around establishing a familiar situation and pushing it farther and farther into obscurity through the weirdness of a character or the weirdness of the given circumstances of the situation. It doesn’t do the show any justice to attempt to explain it further – just know that hilarity reliably ensues in every sketch.

Check back later when more information about the second season of I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson drops in the coming months! Stay tuned for more information about season 2!

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