Netflix: Is 90 Day Fiance on Netflix?

If you love your fair share of wildly juicy but hilarious reality TV shows, then the TLC hit reality series 90 Day Fiance is probably your go-to show when you need a good laugh or just need something to watch after a long day of work. (Don’t worry, we do the exact same thing.)

The series features some pretty crazy couples that feel like a car accident that you simply can’t look away from but also has some endgame pairs that make your heart flutter, proving that love knows no distance. If you’re a long-time fan of the show, you’ve probably been wondering where you can stream every single episode of this reality series, and we’ve got you covered.

Is 90 Day Fiance on Netflix?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see Big Ed on Netflix as 90 Day Fiance is not currently streaming on this platform. Being that there aren’t too many TLC originals streaming on Netflix as is, it is pretty likely that we won’t be seeing this popular series joining Netflix’s line-up any time soon.

Once (or if) the series does make its way on over to Netflix, we will be sure to let you know, but here are the other places where you can catch every episode of the show.

Where can I watch 90 Day Fiance?

Discovery+ is the place you want to go to watch past seasons of 90 Day Fiance as well as its many spin-off series. Upon subscription, you have access to all the best seasons with moments you know and love!

Additionally, for a small fee, you can watch a few seasons on Hulu via an add-on service. And, of course, if you have cable television, you can log in to watch every episode on TLC’s website.

While you wait for this reality TV series to come to your favorite platform, feel free to stream other Netflix series just like 90 Day Fiance such as Teen Mom 2Jailbirds and Too Hot to Handle.

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