Netflix: Is Dragon Ball Z on Netflix?

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, anime series to have ever been created.

Whether you’ve been a longtime fan of the show from the start or if you’ve just started watching the series, everyone knows that Goku striving to be the strongest person in the universe is what makes this program extremely interesting—considering the many lengths he goes to achieve his goal.

The many friends and foes Goku makes along the way are the cherries on top when watching the episodes, and we know that you’re probably wondering where you can lose yourself into the world of Dragon Ball Z. We’ve got you covered. Here’s where you can watch every season of the iconic anime!

Is Dragon Ball Z on Netflix?

Unfortunately, at the moment Dragon Ball Z is not on Netflix.

It’s unclear why Netflix doesn’t have such a beloved anime, especially considering the fact that the streaming platform has other legendary anime programs in their line-up such as Naruto and One Piece, but as soon as we know more about the anime’s future on Netflix, we will be sure to pass that information on.

There’s no need to worry, though! Dragon Ball is available to stream on other sites and you may even be able to watch every episode from the beginning.

Where to watch Dragon Ball Z

Every single episode of Dragon Ball Z is currently streaming on the anime site Funimation. Yes, you read that right! Every Super Saiyan-filled moment is yours with a subscription to Funimation.

You can also purchase every season of the 1989 anime on Amazon Video for a small fee.

Additionally, if you want to take your Dragon Ball binge a step further, you can stream the original series plus Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball GT on Hulu.

The possibilities to watch this legendary anime are endless, even though the series not being on Netflix is a huge bummer. But while you wait for it to make its way on over to Netflix, feel free to watch other anime similar to Dragon Ball Z such as Yu-Gi-OhHunter x Hunter, and Pokemon.

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