Netflix: Is Elite better than Riverdale?

Since the resurgence of teen shows on both the small screen and Netflix, we have been spoiled with a real embarrassment of riches. Two of the most popular teen shows currently burning up our watch lists are Elite and Riverdale. But which one is the better option?

On paper, each show couldn’t be more different than the other, just based on a certain show’s commitment to camp (and yes, we’re strictly referring to Riverdale’s flirtation with alien abductions). However, Elite and The CW hit are still cut from the same teen drama cloth.

While Riverdale fans wait patiently for season 5 to return this summer, along with season 6’s reported arrival this fall, Elite fans are gearing up for the guilty pleasure’s next chapter. Prior to the Elite season 4 premiere, “short stories” will prepare us for all the drama to come.

Now that new episodes of the Spanish drama are fast approaching and Riverdale doesn’t wrap up its fifth season until August, viewers of both addictive show might wonder if they should check out the other in their downtime. So, which is better: Elite or Riverdale?

What are Elite and Riverdale about?

Elite takes place at Las Encinas, an exclusive private school in Spain, where three working class students receive scholarships to attend the school after theirs collapses. Upon their arrival, the culture of the school is shaken as their lives intertwine with their privileged classmates.

Class, murder and sex are a few of the themes that hold Elite together, and those are some themes you will also find in Riverdale. An updated take on the Archie Comics characters, The CW teen drama follows the angst that courses through the dark small town.

Both shows tackle the romantic entanglements of its young characters, while also throwing them into tricky situations involving death, drugs and other things far above their maturity level. Although they are similar, they’re two different viewing experiences.

Are Elite and Riverdale worth watching?

Obviously, to assess whether Elite and Riverdale are worth watching depends on the viewer. Some may like one but not the other, some may enjoy both and some may not enjoy watching either. But for those who are down with the drama and can hang with the wildest plot twists, they’re both worth watching.

Riverdale has earned a reputation for specifically seeking out sharks to jump over, but even well into its fifth season, the series finds new and fun ways to toss its characters into chaos. Also, if you loved shows like Gossip Girl and Big Little Lies, then Elite is unmissable.

Is Elite better than Riverdale?

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Elite is the better show. Seasons 1 and 3 hold a perfect 100% rating, while season 2 dropped ever so slightly to 91%. On the other hand, each of Riverdale’s five seasons hover in the mid- to low-80% range. Overall, the Netflix original boasts an average 97% rating and Riverdale holds an 86%.

But if you’re not the kind of Netflix viewer who’s beholden to the opinions of critics, it’s really up to your own taste. It’s possible to appreciate both series for their unique approaches to the teen soap, yet most viewers will probably find more bang for their buck in Elite.

Which series do you prefer? Share you pick in the comments!

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