Netflix: Is Elite on Netflix in English?

Three seasons down and the next installment coming out this week, Elite is hands down one of the wildest shows on Netflix right now. The series follows a group of high school teenagers who get into dangerous scandals in just about every episode, and its season finales are bound to leave your jaw dropped. Think 13 Reasons Why meets Gossip Girl and you might get the picture.

The first season of Elite follows a group of working-class students who have to transfer to an exclusive private school after their previous school collapsed. They’re awarded scholarships to attend the one and only Las Encinas, and the wealthy students already enrolled aren’t too happy about the new additions. Conflicts with class, relationships, sex, and drugs fill every episode, and it’s worth checking out if you love a good teen drama.

The series is certainly gripping, and if you want to watch Elite season 4 when it hits Netflix on Friday, you’ll want to start from the very beginning.

What language is Elite in?

Those checking out the show for the very first time might want to be aware that Elite is not in English. It’s a Spanish show produced by Zeta Producciones, and the characters all speak Spanish. If you’re not familiar with the language and would rather watch it in English, however, there are options for you!

For starters, you could simply use the English subtitles while tuning in for Elite. If you’re not big on closed captioning and would rather hear the show in English, there is a dubbed version available for you on Netflix. There’s also German and French dubbed options as well.

I would recommend using the English subtitles with the original Spanish audio, if you want my take. Dubbing is often distracting to watch as the character’s mouths do not match what they’re saying. But, if you need to listen to the series and are not able to read the captions on the screen, no judgments here! Sometimes the dubbed option can be easier.

You can turn on subtitles or change the audio by playing the show and then clicking on the closed caption button.

Whichever way you choose to check out Elite, make sure to start binging it ASAP! The fourth season is bound to be just as chaotic as the previous installments, and we can’t wait to binge it when it premieres June 18, 2021.

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