Netflix: Is Free Guy coming to Netflix?

In the past year, many movie releases have been delayed, postponed or shuffled to a completely different medium. It’s understandable to wonder when certain blockbusters, like Free Guy, will be hitting theaters or if they will actually debut on streaming services like Netflix.

Ryan Reynolds stars in the science fiction action comedy Free Guy as a man known as Guy, a non-player character working as a bank teller in an open world video game. Due to a twist of events in the programming, Guy is conscious of living inside a video game and works to become the hero.

The release date for Free Guy has been a tough one to keep up with because of continued pandemic-related postponements. Originally set to hit theaters in July 2020, Disney pushed back the release of the film three times before landing on an August 2021 release date.

But will Netflix subscribers have a chance to add the latest sci-fi action flick starring Ryan Reynolds to their watch list? Here’s everything you need to know about the film’s release date.

Will Free Guy be on Netflix?

Since movie theaters have begun the recovery process, Free Guy will now have a 45-day exclusive run in theaters before making its way onto any on-demand streaming platform. That’s a big change from the altered release schedules we have seen with movies like Cruella and In the Heights.

Free Guy will hit theaters on Aug. 13, 2021, but since it’s being released by 20th Century Studios, which is owned by Disney, don’t expect to see the movie on Netflix anytime soon.

While it’s not totally out of the question in the future, moviegoers will more likely see Free Guy on Disney+ (or even Hulu) following its theatrical run. Of course, there’s always a chance for the movie to stream on Netflix in the future, but Disney has most recently kept its properties on its own platforms.

Will you be watching Free Guy?

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