Netflix: Is Lucifer going back in time Lucifer season 6? New image teases time travel

Tom Ellis, star of the Netflix original series, Lucifer, recently shared the first look from Lucifer season 6 on Instagram.

The first look features Lucifer Morningstar, played by Tom Ellis, leaning up against a car that looks very, very similar to The DeLorean from Back to the Future. 

Obviously, this caused a frenzy online. First, it appeared some fans of the series didn’t know that Lucifer season 6 was happening. That’s been in the works for a year or more at this point. But, after that, other fans were quick to point out that it looks like the devil is somewhere in the 1980s!

So, is Lucifer season 6 going to feature a time travel episode? Let’s explore!

Lucifer season 6

Clearly, something is afoot in this image, and it appears that we could Lucifer traveling time in the new season of the series, which does not have a release date yet.

Other than the DeLorean, which is about as obvious as clues get for these things, there’s also a dude in the background wearing a very ’80s jacket. This is a behind-the-scenes photo, rather than a production still, so it could very well be an extra or something like that.

There are other clues that hint Lucifer is back in the ’80s. Penelope Decker is Chloe’s mother, and she was an actress in the ’80s. In fact, there is a poster for Althea: Queen of the Quarks at Penelope’s home in an episode way back, and look at the name of the movie at the theater behind Lucifer!

Very interesting, right? It appears that Lucifer is heading back in time to, possibly, the premiere of Chloe’s mom’s movie.

But, why?

Well, I’m sure it will all be explained in Lucifer season 6! We can’t wait to find out what’s next in Lucifer season 6.

We’ll let you know the Lucifer season 6 release date on Netflix when we find out! There are some rumors that we’ll see the new season quite soon.

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