Netflix: Is Lupin season 3 coming to Netflix in 2021?

Lupin is one of the most popular shows on Netflix after part 2 premiered on the streaming service in June 2021. We already know that Lupin season 3 is happening at Netflix, but we still don’t know quite when to expect the new episodes.

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We can’t wait for Lupin season 3, especially after seeing such a small gap between part 1 and part 2. Will the new episodes be released in 2021?

Netflix has not announced the release date for Lupin season 3 yet, but we’re a little skeptical that Lupin season 3 would be released in 2021. It rarely happens for Netflix original shows.

Lupin season 3 release date on Netflix

The gap between new episodes of Lupin was only five months, roughly. If there was another five-month gap between new batches of episodes, Lupin season 3 would premiere sometime in November or December 2021.

That would be great, right? More new episodes of Lupin in 2021? We would love that.

Unfortunately, we’re not expecting that to happen. Lupin season 3 will likely be released in 2022.

We know that it’s happening, thanks to Omar Sy, but it’s unclear whether or not the cast and crew have started production on new episodes. Usually, we have to wait a little bit before production is started on the new season.

We’re hoping that production will start on Lupin season 3 sometime this summer or fall. Then, we’ll see Lupin season 3 released on Netflix sometime in early 2022, spring 2022 at the latest.

That’s the best we can do for a release date prediction on Lupin season 3. It would be so awesome to get the new episodes soon, especially with how part 2 ended. We NEED to see what happens.

But, things don’t happen that quickly, unfortunately. Instead, we’ll have to wait a while for season 3 things go how we expect them to.

Stay tuned for more news about Lupin season 3! We’ll share the official release date for Lupin season 3 when we find out.

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