Netflix: Is Madison Bailey in American Horror Story?

Madison Bailey seems to be the talk of the town nowadays. She was somewhat of a newcomer to the entertainment industry before she booked the role of Kiara Carrera in the Netflix original, Outer Banks.

Now fans of hers are wondering if she’s been a part of any other projects.

Well, guys, I have good news. If you haven’t already binge-watched the three episodes available so far of American Horror Stories, a spinoff to the anthology series, American Horror Story, you may want to go do that now because Bailey is the star of episode 3 called ‘Drive In.’

What role does Madison Bailey play in American Horror Stories?

Bailey makes her debut in episode 3 playing the role of Kelley. The episode starts off with Kelley’s boyfriend, Chad, trying to sleep with her. She tells him no, and Chad is left wondering how he could change her mind. The next day, he asks his friends for advice and they explain to him that the best way to get into Kelley’s pants is to take her to see a drive-in horror movie called “Rabbit Rabbit.”

However, this movie isn’t any ole horror movie, it’s actually cursed and anyone who watches the film turns into zombie-like beings and start attacking. I don’t want to spoil too much, so I’m going to let you watch this thrilling, bloody and graphic episode to see if Kelley makes it out alive and in one piece.

Does Madison Bailey have a role in American Horror Story?

The creator of the American Horror Story universe, Ryan Murphy, is known to use actors from other seasons in each season of American Horror Story, so fans of Bailey wouldn’t be wrong to think that since she’s a part of the spinoff, she’s a part of the original.

I’m here to answer your burning question. The answer is no. Sadly, Bailey isn’t in any of the American Horror Story seasons. After watching her kick zombie butt, I would’ve loved to see her in the latest season of American Horror Story, American Horror Story: 1984 taking down Mr. Jingles.

The cast list for the upcoming season has been released and Bailey didn’t make the cut. Who knows, maybe she’ll be in a future season seeing as though the show has been renewed for three more seasons by FX.

For now, let’s all go watch her in episode 3 of American Horror Stories and get prepared to see her in the new season of Outer Banks!

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