Netflix: Is Nadia in Elite season 4?

After a year-long wait, Elite is finally returning with new episodes, and it’s getting hard to contain our excitement!

Elite season 4 is sure to deliver more of the insanely shocking moments that the Netflix original is known for, not to mention its fair share of messy relationships and even messier hookups between this cast of unhinged high school students.

As the new season is making its way to our screens this Friday, you’re definitely going to want to know who you can expect to see once more and who may not be appearing in the new episodes.

Could our favorite top scholar Nadia be amongst those who won’t be coming back? We let you know what you can expect down below.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains a spoiler for the upcoming season of Elite.

Is Nadia in Elite season 4?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Nadia will be returning to the main cast of Elite season 4. Her character has achieved every goal that she set out to accomplish, and has since graduated from Las Encinas, thus ending her powerful, riveting, and inspiring story.

Nadia returning, unless absolutely having to do so for her family’s business, wouldn’t make the most sense for her character.

It was officially confirmed earlier this year that half of the Netflix original series’ main cast—including actress Mina El Hammani, who plays Nadia—would not be returning for another season. But all hope might not be lost.

Being that she’s still romantically involved with Guzman, you’d think that we could see a few appearances from Nadia in the upcoming season. However, based on the previews for Elite Short Stories: Nadia & Guzman, that chance may continue to dwindle—since it looks like most of their long-distance relationship will be covered in those special episodes.

It is certainly a bummer to not see Nadia regularly on our screens anymore, but thankfully, we have the previous seasons of Elite to binge-watch where Nadia is our favorite leading lady!

Be sure to catch up with every season of Elite streaming only on Netflix in time for season 4 premiering this Friday, June 18th!

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